Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sex and The City African Style - The Love Life of Returnees in Ghana (Episode 1 - 3)

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An African City is a web series written by Nicole Amarteifio, a Ghanaian who studied in the United States and had a successful career before she returned home. Similar to her personal life, the series follows five well educated and upwardly mobile African women - who’ve all decided to return home - as they navigate the ups and downs of love and relationships.

In the series, the five women are friends, and in the mould of Sex and the City, they have regular hangouts where they dish on each others love lifes. There’s a runs girl, a religious vegetarian, a business woman, a divorcee without a job who lives with her parents, and the main character, Nana Yaa, who is the latest returnee.

There are many questions one could ask of shows like this, like why all returnees, are there no full homegrown chicks in the middle-class? And their accents, how come all five returness sport their accents all the time? I watch EbonyLifeTV which seemed they only employed returnee or accented Nigerian presenters, and the presenters do break out their pidgin or yoruba jokes once in a while. But this is chick flick, so no judging, just enjoying. Just like Adams Apples or Lekki Wives, guilty pleasure, though in this one o, there's not much guilt :)

The actresses are all fresh faces and gorgeous ones at that. There's MaameYaa Boafo, Esosa E, Maame Adjei, Nana Mensah, and Marie Humbert in the lead roles. I've seen Esosa in one or two short films, but the rest are new to me, and they are good. The production quality and soundtrack is also top-notch. Go ghollywood, they keep winning.

In the first episode, Nana Yaa, returns because her father has just been made minister of Energy, she has a job and hopes for government contracts. But there might be a man involved too.

The three available episodes are below, or click over to their website for more ...

A new episode is released every Sunday, subscribe to the channel for regular updates.

Music - M.nifest, Jayso & Maurice Kirya!

In 'Sexual Real Estate', Nana Yaa has returned to Accra and is searching for an apartment. In doing so, both her and her friends learn more about their needs and wants and who they truly are.

Music - Lady Jay

In 'An African Dump', the five girls discuss the pet peeves of dating...and the one thing that makes them overlook it all.

Music - Skillion Records "Pizza & Burger"

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  1. I just watched the first one, not bad at all. Makeup and style are on point.


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