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On Different Bedrooms, Who Gets The Masters - The Husband or The Wife?

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Much as we think the answer to who takes the masters-bedroom between the husband and wife is at the tip of our hands, some couple still have issues sorting it out. My answer depends on the kind of house in question, is it a leased one which would have already been constructed without the consideration of anybody’s choice or taste or a house that is personally built to suit one’s taste and choice?

This will take me to the part where I have to share some of my experiences while working in a real estate consultancy firm. I remember a particular client we had, they were newly married couples and they needed to relocate from ‘Lagos mainland’ to ‘Lekki, Lagos (Island)’ to suit their work locations. The basic procedure is; they state their choice, we make varieties available to them or anything close to it and they decide. Along the line, we take them for inspection to sight their options, after which they decide.

After they made their decision and the transaction was already set in motion, I overheard them discussing on which of the rooms they would turn into their baby’s nursery, the wife wasn’t really keen on making any room a nursery, she said she would have enough space for herself and the baby in the masters’ bedroom, then the husband said the masters was his; as the name implies.

The wife kept on ranting on how it wasn’t necessary he got the room because it’s been tagged masters, and they went on and on… Their argument wasn’t heated at all but it seemed quite funny to me, to avoid bursting in laughter I had to excuse myself from the conference room.

Now, the question is why would the husband claim the masters-bedroom because the name implies it? Of course we know our men are the masters of the house, but before they decide on taking over the masters’ to themselves, have they thought of how much our stuffs are? Before the men start to think I am biased, let me drop some few opinions.

1. Not every couple have the opportunity of building themselves a home of their own choice immediately after marriage, for those who have, a conclusion should be reached on how many masters-bedroom it will have( if fortunately/unfortunately both parties are lovers of the masters’)

2. For those who will lease a home before having their own,( just likes my client and so many more I had before and after them), if both parties are lovers of the masters’ where only one exist, then there is no wrong in sharing it, if only both parties can condone with the consequences (space, privacy and some other).

3. If in a situation of my opinion2, the man can always have another room of his choice in the house. It can’t be all that bad I guess.

Logically, the wife always have a palpable reason to want and need the masters-bedroom, the commonest difference between same and other rooms in the house is the space and suite. We all will agree that a woman needs more space than a man, before putting in place her clothes, to the shoes, the bags…you really don’t want the details, you know!

Also not every woman buys the nursery idea for their baby, then you can imagine how essential the space will be. Comfort wise is where the suite comes in, it definitely will be more comfortable for your wife and maybe the baby too, which should be your priority; at least you silently promised that when you were being given though time in the process of paying her bride-price.

The masters-bedroom doesn’t come with a tag of ‘wife’ or ‘husband, it’s all based on the couple’s mutual concessions.

PS: Some couples would like to stay together in the same room, masters-bedroom or not, an article will discuss on that soon, along with its importance and people’s take on it.


  1. Well in the house I live there's a Master's bedroom and a Mistress' bedroom. I guess builders are beginning to take this issue into consideration. They're almost the same size and with similar fixtures except the mistress' is more (feminine); more wardrobes, more mirrors, the bathroom was made to suit a woman etc.
    to answer your question, it depends on the couple o! Why can't they just share a room, and if their stuff is too much they can put the excess in another.....

  2. I'm still trying to figure out why a husband and wife are in separate rooms?

  3. Vera and Lady Ngo, maybe it doesn't sound strange to me because all my life my parents have had separate bedrooms. For over 30 years at least. And theirs is the most peaceful, loving marriage I've seen. That they have separate bedrooms does not mean they don't sleep together though, on most nights they do. I would not like to have separate rooms from my (future) hubby, but I've learnt from my parents that it is not at all a bad thing.


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