Friday, March 21, 2014

Kenya Makes Law to Legalize Polygamy, Female MPs Walk Out on Voting

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I think I've asked before and I'll ask again, why do so many African women get all up in arms about polygamy? From anecdotes, it can be inferred that up to half of adult African men have more than one woman - whether traditionally married, baby mama married, concubined, mistressed, sugar daddied, what have you. Also, most of our cultures accept it, and so if majority of Kenyan MPs are for it, then I think it makes sense for them to harmonize their civil and traditional laws.

The new bill yet to be signed into law, bans marriage for those under 18, bans bride price payments and states women are entitled to 30% of matrimonial property.

Polygamy is to be legalized. This allows men to marry more wives without consulting other spouses. According to BBC, the law is meant to bring civil law, where some cultures allow multiple partners.

Male legislators of the parliamentary voted to amend the bill to allow men take as many wives as they like without consulting their existing spouses. First wives are supposed to be notified traditionally.

Outnumbered by their male counterparts, a good number of females walked out in disgust over the matter.

The bill has been passed on to President Uhuru Kenyatta to be signed.

I laughed reading this post on Bellanaija. Maybe the Kenyan president won't sign it.

But seriously, fighting polygamy is equivalent to fighting fellow women, especially in our patriarchal culture that means that resources are mostly, and sometimes only, accessed through male consorts and children, preferably male. So what we need are structures and laws that will favor and open up assets to women and girls.

And these are the good things about this law that are now being overshadowed by the polygamy issue. The law, "bans marriage for those under 18, bans bride price payments and states women are entitled to 30% of matrimonial property". It's good to have these things spelt out to start protecting the interests of vulnerable women.

Maybe what the women should be going for is a law that forbids adultery. If you have one wife 0, or five wives 0, you must be faithful to them. Fines and penalties should be suitably drastic, like 50 years in jail. Just joking, lol...maybe divorce by all the wives who split all property between them and nothing for the man :)

For those that want it too, that laws should be made gender neutral, so that women can marry more than one man too, and will be bound by the adultery law too.

What do you think about polygamy and other issues about marriage in Africa that this bill addresses? Is there a law in Nigeria that determines what a woman receives on divorce? Does our marriage act say anything about bride price and alimony? We already know it does not state the age of marriage...pscheew...

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  1. Will Obama support Kenya's Polygamy right as he supported the homosexuality right?...

    Kenya's leaders say…
    ...homosexuality is unchristian, that it is a crime
    ...BUT….polygamy is not a crime, that it is legal, that it is right

    Will president Obama declare that the freedom of polygamy is not right after he has confessed that the freedom of homosexuality is right?
    ...not so, for President Obama has confessed that EACH has the freedom and equality to " love another" and do what is right in their own eyes.

    This is the “light “ and “will” of this ‘god of freedom...god of fortresses’ that President Obama is confessing and advancing...

    ...for EACH to serve and magnify the self (XES) know / justify “good and evil”.
    ...for EACH to be free to worship ANY ‘god’.
    ...and each is embracing this "mark".

    ...and this way is a way of conflict (for each justifies his way to be right) and death….and it is the given tribulation by the One God on man for his rejection and denial of Jesus Christ as the One Way….and for man’s love for his self-will.

    BUT the Lord Jesus Christ said to worship the One Lord Creator God and Him Alone, His Will Alone to serve in obedience , for there is no other, ...and to do GOOD to your friend or foe....for it is Only Christ that will judge, condemn, and punish.

    AND The Lord Jesus Christ said to the polygamist, to the homosexual, to the exhibitionist, to the "religious", to the fornicator, to the adulterer, to the prostitute, to the liar, to the murderer, to the rich ruler, and to the self-righteous ….to repent and to follow Him.

    Soon The One King Jesus Christ, Son of the Only God, will return to rule the earth in power according to and in obedience to the Will of Yehowah Elohim and NOT according to man’s self-righteous will to justify his desires….because of his first love for his self-righteous freedom.

    John Stefanyszyn
    ...a bondman of the One Lord and King Jesus Christ, Son of the Only God.


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