Monday, March 10, 2014

HelloFood Launches Apps For Wider Food Delivery In Nigeria

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While in Lagos setting up NS Publishing, I was a very busy bunny. I worked very long days, and most of the time, I was out of the office and on the road. My eating habits made something like full about turn from being in my own home and cooking for myself.

On many days, I was stuck with having to eat while out. But since time was an issue, I was running from one meeting to the other, and from one office to the next, I didn't have to time to go into restaurants, where it might take them an hour to serve your meal. And also, I was trying to save on money, so I would mostly snack on beef sausage rolls like Gala while in traffic or buy meat-pies from fast food places.

For a while I was making this work for me – I do love sausage rolls and meat pies – but seriously, they are not very healthy to keep eating everyday and they get pretty old after a while.

I had earlier heard about Hellofood and I wondered if I would have need to use their services but as it happened, that opportunity never presented itself.

You see, I was staying with my MIL and she cooks amazing food, honest. She would even wake up early some days and cut/pack fruits and water for me knowing I am something of a healthy eater and she wanted to support me. How lucky can one woman get, eh? LOL...

But for those of you who live and work in that crazy amazing city called Lagos and its environs, and you do not have an awesome MIL or partner to pack your lunch or make you dinner? Hellofood Nigeria is here to the rescue! They also deliver in Abuja and Port Harcourt.

HelloFood is an online restaurant directory with over 250 restaurants and you can order great Nigerian recipes from restaurants such as Mama Cass, Sweet Sensations, Chicken Republic, and Bukka Hut from the comfort of your own homes or office. There are also other menu selections ranging from Pizza, Sushi, Thai and American food.

And now, Hellofood has added to their arsenal, apps for both android and apple devices that make it easier to order and has an even more extensive reach. You can get the app on your smartphone from either the iTunes store and from Google play.

Happy ordering and eating!

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  1. Hello food/Bukka hut lekki - their delivery service is very poor. If you are hungry, never order from them


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