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[Guest Author] Dupe Olorunjo - Inspirational Fiction Can Be Beautiful

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Dupe Olorunjo is a Nigerian, a pastor’s wife and makes no apologies that the rich Nigerian cultural flavor shows up in her writings all the time. Dupe loves writing and is an author of two books. In addition to writing she presently works in an organization with focus on corporate relationship management. She was gracious to answer some questions for RML on her life as an author and self publisher.
Q: When did you start to write?
A. In secondary school, I had a very fertile imagination and within a short time had several stories floating around in my head. However, it was in University that I started exploring the idea of putting the stories down on paper and was pleasantly surprised to find that my friends were eager to read them. Before I knew it, I had a couple of manuscripts and my first book – TAILED, was published in 1999.

Q: You have written several books, can you tell us about them?
A. I have published two and the third will be released soon. The first – TAILED is the story of a family of five bound and influenced by the power of a mother’s curse. THE AIREGINAN DREAM is about one daring man’s audacious dream to set his country free from the shackles of corruption. And the new one I’m about to release is called .. A BEAUTIFUL WILDERNESS.

Q: Why did you decide to write The Aireginian dream as an Allegory, or should I say fantasy? I mean it is obviously about some real places and people, but has been set in a fictional world.
A. The real reason is that I wanted to focus on issues and principles rather than specific people and events. I didn’t want anyone to read the book and take it personal. I wanted the book to inspire solutions to our national problems.

Q: Your books are inspirational fiction, is there any particular reason for this?
A. Inspiration can be so beautiful. Inspirational fiction paints a picture of what we can become. It shows how we can move from where we are to where we never imagined we could be.

Q: Do tell us more about Dare and Peter from The Aireginan Dream, do you see such men coming out of Nigeria?
A. It is possible. These are selfless men of vision. Rather than complain and grumble about the particular problems of their country, they decided to put their lives forward to seek and implement a solution. There must be such men in Nigeria, they just need to think deep and step forward. I believe Nigerians are hungry and just waiting for leaders like this to emerge. It is long overdue and It won’t be difficult for a Dare and a Peter to command our loyalty, support and followership.

Q: How do you go about choosing the particular issues to tackle through your books?
A. Mostly Inspiration. Sometimes, it’s my reflection on a possible solution to common problems.

Q: Did you have to do a lot of research to situate your book in the appropriate place and time?
A. Yes I always have to do that. The Aireginan Dream was however one of the hardest projects I’ve worked on. This is because it’s political fiction and I’m not in any way a politician. I had to go into the mind of typical politicians and understand their thought process.

Q: What was your publishing journey like, from your first book to the current ones?
A. Publishing has been an interesting journey so far. Sometimes I wish I had landed a book deal that would give me the opportunity to focus on just writing. But I’ve also learnt in life that there is strength and development that comes from facing tough challenges. I have actually learnt a lot in the process of self- publishing and there are no regrets!
In fact its interesting that I have even started consulting and offering advise for other new writers trying to navigate their own specific publishing waters.

Q: What has been the reception for your books?
A. The reception has been quite good and I always feel honored that my readers enjoy what I write.

Q: So you are self-published, what has the business side of writing been like for you?
A. The business side has actually been good for the version of the books published in Nigeria. I’m still learning the ropes of online marketing and I know that can only get better too. I recently published the KINDLE edition for my first two books and the response has been quite interesting so far.

Q: How do you distribute your books, and do you make enough money to remain in business, or is it more like a labour of love?
A. Most distribution is done via direct sales, bookshops and online sales. It has been profitable but I look forward to doing much more.

Q: Do you ever plan to publish other people?
A. Yes. I would love to do that if I come across a very good manuscript and after I have stronger structures in place for distribution

Q: What's up next for you?
A. Hopefully and by the grace of God, I plan to write a minimum of 2-3 books a year. I will probably also try my hands at non-fiction very soon.

Q:  Where can readers find you online?
A. The online home for my books is my website & I also interact with my readers on facebook…

Q: Please tell us where we can find the book for purchase.
A. My book are available on Amazon and my website has a list of bookshops in Nigeria that sell my books.

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