Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Five Things All Women Should Know Whether Single or Married

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By Eniola Ake

Women should just be women and should be happy to be women, title or no title, married or not married. You have so much to offer so start doing what you should do so you can get to where you are meant to be while inspiring people on your road to greatness.

Here are 5 things every single and married woman should know;

1) ACCEPT YOUR UNIQUENESS: everyone isn't the same, we all have different DNA. We are created in such a unique manner that we can't imagine what we have to offer to the world. Due to pressure, comparing and inability to take a stand and have a mind of ones own,most single women have seen being single as a negative label which shouldn't be.

That's just a title.

What makes you unique is actually what you have to offer to the world- your talent and gifts. So start living a purpose driven life rather than a life filled with self-hate.

2)  DEVELOP YOURSELF: by developing yourself, you're working at being a great person. You have great potentials so don't limit yourself, take chances, be ready to grow. We have women moving beyond the glass ceiling, doing great things whether married or single. Don't allow the status to limit you from being who you want to be or what you're meant to be.

Allow yourself to explore great opportunities, there a re great opportunities out there for you. Remember you're the solution to someone's problem, the answer to someone's prayers so you have something someone needs.

3) HAVE A MIND OF YOUR OWN: young ladies have this syndrome where they can't make a decision until someone(probably a friend or family member) influences them. A mind of your own will help you get far in life more than you can imagine, the ability to take decisions and stand by them, the ability to say NO( so many women find it difficult to say no). As a single or married woman, you need this mind of your own because you will meet people that will try to influence your thoughts and behaviors especially negatively. Life is too short to live based on another person's perspective of how you should live your life.
Learn to stand alone, it will help you in life and assist your self-confidence as self-confidence is another way of being sexy.

4) A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR GOD: there is someone out there who knows you more than you know and sees beyond what you see. He has the past, present and future in his hands. He is your maker. You came to this world somehow, you didn't just drop from the heavens. So why not key into that and have a personal relationship with that ONE. Don't allow people to manipulate you. When you have a relationship with your God, it solves so many problems for you. You need that relationship more than any other relationship.

5) A RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS: relating with others can be easy for some and difficult for others as we all have different personalities. But one thing should be kept in mind that we need one another to be who we are meant to be. If you have something to give or sell, its someone who's going to take or buy. Building the right network is essential for a stable mind, having a great job or business (just as choosing the right friend would help shape your mind set in a way).  

The C.E.O of Linked In Reid Hoffman says "if you're looking for an opportunity that which has a financial  pay off then you're really looking for a person". That is to say to be successful, to be where you want to get to,to be a great woman then you need someone to mentor, inspire and empower you with words of wisdom and a platform to showcase your works.

No man is an island, No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others.

Have a blessed life.


Eniola Ake is a psychologist who is a writer of articles on relationship and emotional health care. She also does e-counseling and has a blog (


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