Sunday, March 30, 2014

Facebook Parenting - A Baby Gender Reveal Gone Wrong

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In a now viral Youtube video, a big brother - only boy with 2 little sisters already - was not happy when during a baby gender reveal for their next sibling turns out to be a girl. The little boy breaks down in tears after the miserable acknowledgement that the white reveal cake is pink inside and has jelly - meaning it's a baby girl

'It's another girl! I hate girls! Every time it's girl, girl, girl, girl!!' He cries.

The father who is behind the camera for the reveal does not stop when he sees his son so upset, and in trying to console the boy, says he also felt the same miserable way like the boy when he found out they were having a baby girl. I wonder if he also threw a tantrum?

See the video below...

This post should simply be Facebook parenting gone wrong. There are two aspects I find problematic about this video - oversharing about your children on social media and making gender reveals a competition for siblings.

1. I find it cute parents sharing their children's antics on social media, but less is more, especially when it comes to pictures, or when the little one is not looking his or her best. This little boy cannot be more than 6 or 7 years old, and doesn't fully understand what hate means, just like his little sisters do not. But one day they all will, and the baby being expected will be too.

It might have been fun for the parents to recount this story to them and make it a joke, but for them to see how vehemently their brother hates them from the video, and then to read the comments that follow from internet strangers and trolls? Hmmm...

2. While it makes sense to involve children already in the family to an upcoming baby, I see no reason to make such a big deal of the gender reveal. Games are good fun surely, but guesses and bets sound wrong when there's already a culture of competition or competitive personalities involved.

From the beginning of the video, we see that the siblings are asked which gender they prefer and each team wants to "win". So the boy crying, yes, he wants a baby brother to plays guns and trucks with, but he also wants to win the bet. He was obviously set up by his parents, and now they're hawking his tears for media fame.

What do you think of this video, funny or wrong? How did you reveal a new baby or the gender to the children you already had? Any tears, or was it love all round?


  1. You're taking it too seriously jare, it's all in good fun.

  2. Come on, Myne. Lighten up. It isn't that serious. I remember my brother having a major meltdown when my younger sister was born. For almost 3 years after that, his complaint every day was, 'Mummy, only me'! Sometimes, children just want want siblings they can play with. I think the Dad should have stopped filming to comfort his child.

  3. Others have said what I think - that you are over-analyzing things


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