Wednesday, March 12, 2014

8 Ways to Spend The Day of Your Wedding Anniversary

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Your wedding anniversary is the remembrance of the date your wedding took place in the years following it. The wedding anniversary should be at least as important as your birthday, and should have higher priorites than any public holidays we celebrate, except maybe Christmas. To make it special is to recognize that the relationship you have with your spouse is pecial. Here are some loving ways to mark your anniversary and that will make you remember that day for weeks and months to come, or even till your next anniversary and beyond.;

1. Spend quality time together alone - If you have children at home, arrange for a baby sitter and go off just the two of you, or take them over to the grandparentse and stay home. Make this day something special for that just you and your spouse, breakfast/brunch in bed, a dinner of your favorite meals, smooth music, slow dancing, sweet nothings, the works.

2. Give your spouse a pleasant surprise - Gifts or activities are often more fun and meaningful if given as a surprise. Have they been asking for something for some time, or wishing you or they were able to do something different. Now is the time to make those dreams come true.

3. Travel - Take a trip to some place you have always wanted to visit. This one is hard to pull off every year so save them for those special milestone anniversaries like the 5th, 10th, 25th or 50th anniversary. It doesn't have to be expensive but it needs to be well planned. If you save in advance you might even make it a treat, like a cruise, winter in Hawaii, a week at Obudu, etc.

4. Send each other messages of love - These include store-bought cards, poetry written by yourselves, post it notes placed on the mirror, love letters hidden in her purse, and if you need some inspiration, check out this anniversary quotes website.

5. Make a video or a slideshow of the pictures you have taken in your years as a couple and then watch it together. You can do this alone or share it with your children and friends.

6. A Staycation - One day can go by too quickly when you're having fun. So why not take as many days off as you would if you were travelling and then spend the whole time at home. It saves you money and travel inconveniences so you only enjoy the advantages of a vacation and none of the aggravations.

7. Re-do some of the things you did while dating - This is more possible if you're still living in the city or area where you met each other. Go to the football game where he burst into tears after his team won, visit the castle where he proposed and she cried, stay again at that hotel where you had your honeymoon and made love for the first time, you get the idea :)

8. Renew your marriage vows. If it has been a tough year emotionally for both of you, or just one that has been filled with love, it may be a good idea to repeat your marriage vows. Print out a copy of the one used at your marriage ceremony or write new ones. Say them to each other alone, explaining and buttressing each line with real life happenings in your life, or invite friends and family to be part of the ceremony.

Happy marriage everyone!


  1. Great read....and beautiful ideas especially as mine is just around the corner :-)

    P.S - I'm in love with the new design!

  2. Aww.... I should get married already. Posts like this turn me into jelly. I'll have to refer my readers to this post. Great tips!


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