Friday, February 21, 2014

Tuface Idibia Insists He Did Not Get Any Woman Pregnant

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It's no secret that I'm a fan of 2face. Still, I cannot vouch that he really did not get a woman named Teniola pregnant. All I can say is that I'm more inclined to believe him than a faceless rumor. I saw the tweet from him some days ago, and decided not to blog about it. On receiving this release from his publicists, I decided to post it.


February 21, 2014 - A few days ago, a rumor surfaced about 2face Idibia allegedly getting a young woman pregnant and various versions of the story have emerged since then.

2face would like to categorically state that these stories are completely false and baseless.

The press has published this story in many versions without confirming the authenticity of the allegations. He would like to make it very clear: THERE IS NO TRUTH TO THIS STORY.
He would also like to request that the media houses that have already published this story issue retractions without any delay.

2face does not have anything to hide and if the story were true, he would admit it and not try to lie to the public by denying it.

When striving to maintain journalistic integrity, it is important for the press to make sure that they have irrefutable evidence before publishing potentially harmful news such as this. In this case, there has been no confirmation of the authenticity of the rumor.

 We do not know what the true motives are behind the peddling of such a vicious rumor, but we would like to make sure that everyone knows the truth about it.

2face may be a woman-lover and non-condom user, but he has never denied any of his baby mamas or his children, why should he start now? Some say he's denying it because he's now married and for his wife's sake, but really?

And also, I've since realized how easy it is for some bloggers or gossip magazines to manufacture stories and keep their readers talking, and obviously, 2face with his three babymamas and plenty children may have seemed to such people like a good mark.

If it does turn out that he indeed has made another "love"child, then I will owe Teniola and the magazine that broke the news an apology.


  1. Am sorry Myne I think you're on the wrong side. 2face is a womanizer and Teniola is the one I believe.

  2. Then I guess if I decide to say that 2face got me pregnant u'll believe me too.I kw 2face can be pretty stupid bt plz,not dat should kw better than to believe everything you hear.why would she want to announce that 2face is her baby papa?hw is that gonna help her?you'll only believe her if you dont examine d facts closely.I have and I dont think she's telling the truth.sha,d only thing that can determine if she's telling the truth is a DNA test.But till then lets remember that u're innocent until proven guilty.And am saying all this as a 'Non-fan' of 2face.


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