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The Three Categories of Men That Can Make or Mar a Woman

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By Eniola Ake

It's a pity that some men do not know a woman’s worth. Sometimes, I think why do women always have to go through all the physical, emotional and psychological breakdown (harassment) at the hands of the men that are supposed to build them up? That question has not been answered till today as we see many women still undergoing torture in the hands of their men.

But sometimes ignorance or inability to take a stand can make a woman fall victim of such men. There are a whole lot of men, but knowing the right one for you is good for a healthy state of mind. Here are  three categories of men. So if you’re single please watch out or if you’re married then assess which one your husband is and make amends to your own outlook where possible.

•Scavenger: a scavenger is described as a person who eats remains or discarded items. An example is a vulture. A vulture eats the remains of its prey knowing fully well that it doesn't have to struggle to kill its prey first before eating it. This applies to a scavenger type of man, this category of men marry “illiterate or unexposed” women. She is probably not educated and her husband takes advantage of this to take charge of her life. He doesn't want to help her or push her to do something, so he can have total control over her.
These category of men decide to have this woman so they will have control, authority and be "king" over her, to direct her and wheel her around to wherever soothes them. Unfortunately the woman might be too naïve or inexperienced or probably in exposed to take a stand and do something meaningful in her life.
Although, some women believe their happiness should be tied to a man so much that they become so dependent, however, this woman doesn't even know how to go about being an independent happy woman.

•Hunter: a hunter usually seeks out for its prey and kills it thereby having authority over it. This applies to the category of men who marry women who are have lots of dreams and aspirations but he kills her dreams by (sometimes) forcing and ensuring she doesn’t have a job or any other source of income. He finds pleasure in her doing nothing and even finds it difficult to support her financially when she needs.
An example of such men are those who tell their wives not to work with the justification that he is preventing her from other men who might be “eyeing”her in the “office”. They can be likened to a rapacious person, one who extorts by force or threats or grasp from someone else. Such men could be said to be insecure, fearing that their wives would be richer than they are.

•Gardener: the duty of a gardener is to help nurture the flower, uproot weeds that might interfere with the flower's growth, water the flower till it begins to glow and becomes appealing and attractive to the eyes. The gardener kind of men marry a good woman who have great dreams and aspirations but he also helps to nurture her to achieve and fulfill her dreams as well as helps her glory to show. He encourages and supports her financially, emotionally and intellectually to achieve her dreams and aspirations.
He simply brings out the best in her.

What are you thinking, you want the Gardener kind of man right?

So if you’re in a relationship with any of the first two(scavenger, hunter) in my opinion I would say you are heading for an unhealthy relationship and there is still time to make amends where necessary by taking to your heels. There's still time to make amends and make the right choice because the world needs what you have. You have great potential and so much to offer to the world. You are the answer to someone's prayer and the solution to someone's problem.

So take a stand!


Eniola Ake is a psychologist who is a writer of articles on relationship and emotional health care. She also does e-counseling and has a blog (


  1. Yes! We all want the gardener A very nice article.

  2. Thanks a lot Eniola. Yes we all want the gardener but one has to be careful of the other two as well.

  3. We all pray for the Gardener kind of man. But not many are lucky enough or should I say such men are scarce

  4. The problem is for the gardener type, hes supposed to dedicate his life to the flowers thus becoming a slave them in the process which in my opinion is a selfish choice for a woman as well.

  5. Ive sen a gardener....but this gardener is short ohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!. God!!!

  6. The gardener kinda man

  7. My hubby is just the total definition of a gardener man. He really made my glory to show and also brought out the best in me. Thanks to God.Any woman that is married to a scavenger or hunter is already in hell. I pity her...


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