Friday, February 28, 2014

Poll - Like Kim Kardashian, Will You Accept Money For a Date With A Strange Man?

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Kim Kardashian was in the news for annoying an 84year old billionaire who had allegedly paid half a million dollars for her company at the opera. She accepted with the clause her momager would be there. At the event though, the old man wanted one-on-one time and went ahead to grope and fondle her. She got annoyed and left, making me think that was not part of the contract. But the old man says, it was Kim who did not stick to the "program".

Some of you may remember this as the storyline of the Hollywood movie, Indecent Proposal with Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson and Robert Redford as the billionaire. He offered her a million dollars and she accepted. Things got K-leg after that. Kim is engaged to Kanye West, and one can only imagine if he knew of this paid date arrangement.

Supermodel, Claudia Schiffer has also spoken out about the same thing, rich men asking out celebrities on a pay as you go basis. She was offered one million pounds and refused. Another model took the offer.

I hear some Nigerian celebrities are beginning to get similar offers, especially the women. Uti Nwachukwu spoke about it on a show I watched on Ebonylife. Maheeda charges $3000. Seems little, but still a lot for some people.

I have to point out that a date does not implicitly include make out sessions or sex, and could be for strictly beholding the beautiful celebrity or having a chat with them.

Now my question is this. As a Single, Engaged or Married Woman, would you accept money to go on a date with a man? What if the money is a very large sum? If you were married or engaged, what if your man knows of the situation and supports you to go?

Is there a difference from being paid for appearances at an event or for a brand and being paid to be the date of one man, or a group of men for dinner or a private club room?

Vote and let's discuss in the comments!

PS, almost 200 people voted in the last polls, I love it, but I miss our discussions too. Please comment, I'm begging o :)


  1. My answer is no money is worth it, and I'll break up with my partner if he approves.

    Hi Myne!

  2. Well I'm as single as they come so I will take the offer. BUT the conditions must be set out in clear terms, no touching/fondling/groping/kissing/sex/anything sexual, and clauses must be clearly laid out in case of a breach of one of the terms. You want my company for the evening at a public event so that's what you'll get. And I don't see any reason why I won't accept such offer, after all I might accept same (basically to hang out) without the money, so I might just as well get paid for it.
    I hope for Kim's sake that Kanye was privy to this incident beforehand (because her momager is such a thirsty woman that would do anything for money). Kim doesn't even look happy in the picture. But come o, aren't these people satisfied with the millions they already have?

  3. LOL, if i'm already a filthy rich celeb, why would i waste my time being a pricey yet still common escort?!?

    In Kim's case, i can't imagine how i'd feel if my fiance (and my mother) were okay with me selling myself- even if getting physical supposedly isn't on the table.

    1. Seconded! Hello myne!

  4. I am single and I will take the offer as long as it is to a public place. After all, men that I date pay for my dinner and transport most times. This is naija.

    1. I don't know about transport, but a buying you dinner is not a payment. The guys don't pay YOU, they pay an establishment money for food consumed by both of you on an evening of getting to know one another and sometimes you could split the check depending on what type of person you are. I don't agree with people equating dinners, movies etc. as payment for your time. She straight up collected money for her time AND the guy still paid for what you are equating with "payment"; a night at the Opera. That's a hoe move to me so why is she upset that she was treated how she presented herself? This girl and her family keep lowering the bar of decency and I'm just about sick of the entire lot of them, her dense fiancée included.


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