Friday, February 14, 2014

Joy Bewaji Launches Audio Series - Tina's Shoes & Love Issues, Discusses The Magazine Club

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Joy Bewaji is a writer, editor, author, publicist and more. She is one of those people that if you'd seem me with her in Lagos, you would think we had known each other for years. Well, in a way, we have. We've been interacting online since 2009, working together, being FB friends all the while, and finally meeting last year when I attended the first episode of the Magazine Club. At the third edition, my fledgeling video channel interviewed Joy on her latest projects. Below is that interview with RML TV presenter Eniola Lawal, and more on Joy Bewaji's upcoming audio series, Tina's Shoes and Love Issues. Enjoy!

About the Audio Series

Tina’s Shoes & Love Issues follows the intriguing and hilarious love life of Tina – a fashion designer, who is anxiously looking for love. It is an audio series told by the fictional protagonist, voiced by Joy Bewaji, on the rules of dating in the cosmopolitan chaos of city life; with a little twist and fun.

The first two parts will be widely available from today, Valentines’ Day, February 14, 2014. To get your copies; call: 0803-328-6604

An excerpt from the transcript

Pamela used to be my best friend; we were so close we would check on each other every day; buy gifts on impulse, share things…until she started making passes at a man I liked. Behind my back, sending love notes. Chai! The betrayal, the hurt.

Ladies, stealing your friend’s man or crush is so unoriginal. Be creative!
Now here she is, pregnant with a fat face.
Her “hellos” went through the window, got hit by a fast car and died! I wasn’t going to respond. I took another look at her tummy; I see no ring; I see the handsome pimples on her face; the broooad pregnant nose, and I know she is pregnant for a married man.


  1. She's so enthusiastic, it's contagious. For that alone, I wish I lived in Lagos. Just about everything seems to happen there!

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