Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dear Single Ladies - How Do You Want Your Marriage Proposal?

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Don’t get all scared ladies, this post is not calling out anybody! I know some of us are still at the age where we shiver at that thought of marriage and some of us just think about it and say NOT YET!

Fine, for those of us who are ready and expecting the special man of our life to pop that question, some who are taking their time and finally to those that are saying it’s not yet time, if and when the time comes, how do/would you want it?

There are some very special moments of our life that only come ONCE, and what makes such moments special? How they are presented.

Some of us are loud, and we like our stuffs done that way, and some of us just love our stuffs done on a low key. We really can’t deny how much work we do on our men, to become more romantic, as most of them know the word, but really can’t place the meaning. It amazes me how those kind of men will be the first to say –“but babe, you know how romantic I am now” Excuse me? Why not let us be the judge of that...

They can a times have little knowledge on making our most precious moments memorable; one can never be too sure! Maybe when we start putting it up, it will be a plus to our efforts, to at least make up for the lost times! Maybe!

Dear precious guys, the “being romantic stuff” we’re talking about here doesn’t mean buying your girlfriend lunch every day!,Nah! Even our admirers does that, it also doesn’t mean you buying her a wardrobe size birthday card when she’s a year older, we appreciate your effort but still nah! And also, be kind enough to be able to differentiate between “bedroom romantic acts” and “open romantic acts”.

Back to the matter, sorry ladies, I had to clear it up for the guys consoling themselves already. I personally want a big and memorable proposal, with friends and family around also which I make clear each time the discussion comes around, I sing about it, I tweet it, I breath it, I dance it, I write about it (just as I am doing), what don't I do to make it crystal clear? And if after all, I get a 'tired day proposal', anyone can guess right what my answer will be.

To the advantage of the men that will see this, I have got some 'maybe ideas', let's go!


1. After inviting friends to dinner to celebrate your relationship anniversary, or just a random celebration for having you, he decided to talk about you, and at the end of his speech, out of nowhere, he popped the question.

2. A dinner for two (you and him), you requested for menu, placed your orders and you were served. Surprisingly, your plate was unusually covered, tummy rumbling already, you opened the dish and all you could see was the question on your plate.

3. A casual dinner, after your meal, you noticed his mood has changed and he looked annoyingly serious. He gives you a little paper which reads; I’M SORRY, BUT THINGS HAVE CHANGED JUST AS I ANTICIPATED, THIS IS THE LAST DINNER WE’RE GONNA BE HAVE AS BOYFRIEND& GIRLFRIEND.( your heart is already at your throat I trust) turning over….WILL YOU MARRY ME?


Your weekend getaway can be anywhere; it can be a lodge in the hotel over the weekend, a beach date or a movie date at the cinema.
After having fun throughout the day, you retire to bed, with the dim light in the hotel room and the cool breeze; he pops the question for your ears alone!

It’s actually not the common beach proposal trend I have in mind (the words written on the sand). He plans with some folks (friends most likely) an alarm is raised or a scene is created (definitely false), he drags you there to go pick your own share of the drama (amebo) (very very romantic,very very very unusual of him), and you lost him amongst the crowd. Still looking out for him, you get a tap behind and there he is one knee down, popping the question with all attention on you guys…
Movie date, yeah he really would have to go an extra mile on this one. After seeing the movie you’ve been dying to see all week, your picture shows on the huge screen, your name and a little stuff about you follows, followed by his own picture, followed by the question!

Okay! Enough of my ideas…ladies, how do you want your OMG moment? C’mon, let’s hear!


  1. I sort of like that whole proposing to me at my birthday party in front of the whole world but I want my proposal very private. When I wake up in the morning let me find him on both knees beside my bed, smiling excitedly yet nervously. Eager to speak yet unsure. Let him tell me how much he loves me and can not see himself ever without me. Let him tell me I'm his best friend, sister, lover and mother and he needs me for all time. Let him pop out the ring and pop the question. Let those seconds it takes for me to process and reply be the scariest seconds of his life.

  2. 'damn,now that's button pls

  3. Dear Future Husband,

    Please whatever you do, do not propose in a public setting because I will get nervous and say NO, and the joke will be on you. Please keep it as intimate as possible. It is supposed to be our special moment, let us keep it to ourselves. We can always meet up and celebrate with out family, friends, and loved ones afterwards. Whatever you want to do, that is fine with me, but please keep it to the two of us.

    Can't wait to meet you!

    Your Future Wife!

  4. At this point...been dating my guy for 3.5 years and I am turning 33 in less than a month and we have been living together for like 5 months...I don't care about the story, I just want to be proposed to or lets get a ring together, get married and start having, sorry I killed the romance.

    1. Lol. I understand exactly how you feel. It is well.....

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  6. OMG I can't wait for DAT moment.God gimme d right partner so I pray.buh dear let it b btw us NT open.Cox am kinda shy oo

  7. Ah! Nothing public oooo!!! NOTHING. I definitely want to remember being asked to marry, just nothing elaborate, no fanfare.
    My boyfriend in secondary still takes the cake so far, he said to me 'I am going on a journey and would like you to accompany me...' (it confused me for a moment before it sank sha) But can you imagine such seriousness in the secondary school of those days when we were all serious people not given to frivolities?? Sighing in remembrance. So, something along that line! Biko. "lets go on a jour-ney!!!'

  8. I want a proposal in the privacy of the bedroom, preferably when I wake up from sleep. I also wouldn't mind a quiet dinner then proposal. Either way let him sha propose

    And I know it's coming very soon cuz all the signs are telling. However how will he know my ring size...........

  9. Whoa... Dey all sound nice. Buh check dis page out!!! Isn't it jst so cool... My fav proposal of all times!

  10. Nothing elaborate would do just fine.


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