Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Radio Interview on Love and Relationships in Nigeria with Zoe Chinaka

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One of the most interesting conversations on relationships I had while in Lagos was with Zoe Chinaka, a radio personality with Nigeria Info 99.3 FM on her show called The Woman. We got gisting about love, romance, writing, relationships in Nigeria, and more. Lucky for me, we got a video of some of the chat, enjoy...


  1. Lovely interview Myne. Beautiful woman you are.

  2. Well, it is a very nice interview on a very interesting topic for sure. There are several important facts and advices related to dating are well shared here. Singles will surely love and take advantages of this for their love life. For more dating tips and several profiles of singles interested in dating visit https://www.goiranian.com

  3. I enjoyed this. Way to go, Nkem...:) Heh-heh. I had to use my earphones to hear your responses, your mic wasn't projecting your voice as much as Zoe's. I wonder if it's just my computer? Anyway, keep writing, we'll keep reading-- and learning.

  4. Me again. The interview followed with an advert-- not sure if that's the proper name for it. Why was the guy doing the voiceover for the thingy about your books calling Whitman, Whiteman? His voice was a bit nauseating. Just saying.

    1. Thanks Hannah, I should've spoken up, or it could be my phone which was used to record. On the pronounciation of Myne Whitman, I think many people was not very comfortable with the pen name :)


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