Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekend Medicine - Sex is Good For Pleasure and Can Cure Many Ailments Too

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Weekends are those glorious times of the week when we take care of those things we have pushed off — including, ahem, sex — during the week because of the pressure of work and also because of the need to wake up early and sleep late. Now that the weekend stares each of us in the face, it’s also necessary to have a rough idea of what we will do in order to stay focused, healthy and totally revved up to meet the demands of the new week.

British Council in Nigeria Hosts the Lagos Theatre Festival this Weekend

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The British Council in Nigeria is hosting the Lagos Theatre Festival this weekend. Part theatrical experience, part real life and part city journey, the festival aims to transform the historic Freedom Park, a public space born out of the ruins of a colonial prison and reconstructed to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Nigeria with non-theatrical/ unconventional spaces, Fringe shows and Exhibitions.

Traditional Wedding Pictures - Ohimai Amaize and Tessy Oliseh in Unique Costume

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Ohimai Amaize and Tessy Obi Oliseh celebrated their traditional wedding earlier today, and he shared these preliminary pictures on Facebook. Their hats look positively Egyptian, like that of a pharoah. Quite unique, and I like the beads too. Wishing them a great time as they complete their wedding ceremonies :)

Poll - Like Kim Kardashian, Will You Accept Money For a Date With A Strange Man?

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Kim Kardashian was in the news for annoying an 84year old billionaire who had allegedly paid half a million dollars for her company at the opera. She accepted with the clause her momager would be there. At the event though, the old man wanted one-on-one time and went ahead to grope and fondle her. She got annoyed and left, making me think that was not part of the contract. But the old man says, it was Kim who did not stick to the "program".

Robin Thicke is Fighting For His Marriage and For Paula Patton

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Robin Thicke and Paula Patton announced their separation a few days ago after dating for 20 years and married for almost half of that time. They were very young teenagers when they started dating and now have a 3 year old son together. I'm always sad at any impending divorce becaus eit is never easy and you can imagine my grin when I saw this video below.

Pope Francis Calls For Love and No Condemnation For Divorced Couples

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Pope Francis has said today that couples whose marriages have failed should be "accompanied" and not "condemned". He said this while responding to queries on his views on divorce and how the Roman Catholic church should treat divorced couples. Today, during the daily mass he holds in the Vatican, he said specifically on the subject of divorced couples,

Lupita Nyong'o on True Beauty and Her Full Acceptance Speech For Essence Magazine Honor

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Lupita Nyong'o was honored yesterday at the Essence Magazine's 7th Annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon. The actress who is nomimated for an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role as a black slave, Patsey, in the movie 12 Years a Slave gave the speech below about her road to being who she is today. It is a very encouraging and empowering speech on what counts as true beauty - inner beauty and accepting and loving yourself as you are. See the speech below...

Couple Love - Toyin Aimakhu and Niyi Johnson Show Their Playful Side

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Toyin Aimakhu and Niyi Johnson got married back in July 2013, and in these pictures shared on Twitter, the couple show that their love is still in the honeymoon phase. In matching white T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, the happy pair are certainly having lots of fun. More pictures below...

Magazine Covers - Biola Alabi on Hello!

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Biola Alabi is the MD of M-Net Africa and she looks amazing on the recent cover of Hello! Nigeria Magazine. In the cover story, she talks about life, love and being the boss of such a large company.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

On the Nigerian Centenary Award Show - That Picture is Not Lord Lugard

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I'm all for marking how far we've come as a united country, but certainly no fan of the Nigeria Centenary Award Show which I think is just a big waste of money, and of course some will "come and chop". Most of the names on the list (here) are vomit-inducing to be clear, [Babangida and Sani Abacha as promoters of unity, patriotism and national development?] but Lugard as the chief player of the amalgamation cannot be faulted.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Flight Diversion - A Short Story By Chimamanda Adichie

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I was woken by the pilot’s voice. In the drowsy hum of the airplane, his words crackled, and I thought I heard something about preparing to land. Could I have slept so long? I looked at the time. It was only three hours into the Lagos-to-Atlanta flight. The flight attendants were hurrying back and forth. The pilot was still speaking. “We have an emergency onboard, and we have had to divert the flight to Dakar.” I could feel the plane descending. It seemed too fast. A sweeping hollowness. My fog of sleep cleared instantly. Something was wrong, the pilot was too cryptic, the flight attendants too blank-faced, snatching up cups, urging seats straight. I thought: If I die, I hope it’s quick and I don’t know.

The 10 Types of Men And Women You Should Never Marry

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By Jarrid Wilson

10 Men A Woman Shouldn’t Marry

1. The Late Night Texter
You know, the guy who only texts you after midnight. He’s the guy who only contacts you when he wants something, or someone to talk to. You can go weeks without hearing from this person, only to rarely get a text full of smiley faces and a message that reads, “Hey! How are you?” They aren’t consistent. Don’t fall into the trap.

Komla Dumor's Wife Kwansema, and Children Share Touching Tribute at Burial

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Komla Dumor, BBC presenter extraordinaire died just over a month ago and had his last funeral rites some days ago. He was survived by his wife, Kwansema, and their 3 children, Elinam, Elorm, and Araba. One of my greatest fears has been losing those I love, but when the person you love has lived a good life it is easier to have peace. In the following tributes from Komla Dumor's wife and children, we see a glimpse of the husband and father behind the public persona of the BBC presenter. May his soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Young Lady @bambiiiii_ Shares Her Domestic Violence Experience on Instagram

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Oversharing on social media is usually for people who love to show off their best faces to others, but today it was used as a tool by @bambiiiii_ an aspiring Victoria's Secret model and actress to share the face of her domestic violence experience at the hands of her boyfriend of 8 months. See her message and pictures of her taken after the abuse below...

Advice Corner: My Friend Says Her Brother Is Into Me Because of My Money

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Dear Myne,

I have been dating my friend's elder brother for months now, We met in their mum's birthday party. We are not best of friends, but I take her to be my good friend, we stayed in together in my first and second year in school, even after not staying together anymore, we still act like we do.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Three Categories of Men That Can Make or Mar a Woman

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By Eniola Ake

It's a pity that some men do not know a woman’s worth. Sometimes, I think why do women always have to go through all the physical, emotional and psychological breakdown (harassment) at the hands of the men that are supposed to build them up? That question has not been answered till today as we see many women still undergoing torture in the hands of their men.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Maternity Style - Kerry Washington Wins at the NAACP Awards

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Heavily pregnant Kerry Washington looked absolutely takeaway in her navy-blue and peach gown yesterday on the red carpet of the NAACP Awards. The amazing star actress also won the outstanding actress in a drama series award for her lead role in Scandal. Congrats to her, and wishing her a safe and healthy delivery.

Mommy Time - Annie Idibia Out and About With Mom and Daughters

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Annie Idbibia shared the picture above of her out with daughters, Isabella and Olivia on Instagram with the caption, "Beautiful ,fun ,Saturday outing with my angels n mom!!!! #supamom #supawoman #supaMe hehehehe good morng Naija! Gdnyt LA". Since Annie's mom is not in the pictures, she's obviously the photographer. And Annie is really training that waist, she looks great!

Daddy Time - Julius Agwu and His Beautiful Children

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Julius Agwu's children are so cute, and his son, Zadok is growing up so quickly. Proud dad showed off this picture of his prince and princess on instagram. The two months old Zadok was dedicated a week ago. See pics from the dedication below...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The See Finish Syndrome (For Couples Only)

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By Charly Boy.

When two people, lovers, friends, partners or even team mates can consistently predict one another's moves like clockwork, it is called see finish.

See finish can help one in fully understanding your partner. However, see finish in a marriage has its own bad sides, if not checked can lead to the death of DESIRE in a marriage, especially, sexually. That's when couples start to take each other for granted and no longer as granted. See finish in a marriage is when one spouse is desperately yearning for more sex, connection or physical closeness, and the other for whatever reason seems a bit unconcerned about their partner’s feelings, or just not with it any more.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Tuface Idibia Insists He Did Not Get Any Woman Pregnant

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It's no secret that I'm a fan of 2face. Still, I cannot vouch that he really did not get a woman named Teniola pregnant. All I can say is that I'm more inclined to believe him than a faceless rumor. I saw the tweet from him some days ago, and decided not to blog about it. On receiving this release from his publicists, I decided to post it.

Justice For Slain Titi Arowolo - Husband Sentenced To Death For Murder

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It has been reported today that Justice Lateefat Okunnu of the Ikeja High Court has sentenced Akolade Arowolo to death for murdering his wife, Titilayo. This might not bring the dead woman back to life, but hopefully it serves as a deterrant to men who are in the habit of beating up their partners.

Hopefully too, women would be reminded that it never pays to remain with an abusive man. Here we have two wasted lives, a dead wife and a husband who will likely die in prison if the hangman's noose doesn't get him soon. If Titi had been staying for the sake of her daughter, does that even apply anymore?

I pray for healing for the little girl she left behind and their respective families, and may Titi's soul continue to rest in peace.

The Family Legacy" - A Drama about Sickle Cell Disease

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After finding out that an NHS funded short film inspired Tunde Kelani to make The Dazzling Mirage, I decided to look it up, and I could see why. I've decided to share it with you all. According to the makers of The Family Legacy, it is a drama which explores the impact that the birth of a child with sickle cell disease has on four generations of the same family.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nigeria Listed Among Most Sexually Satisfied Countries - Men Last 24 Minutes

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In my last post and the RML current poll, I asked how long sex should last, and got some emails saying good sex can not just be about how long it takes. True, good sex or sexual satisfactioncan involves so many other determinants. According to global research stats from Durex, these drivers include, mutual love and respect between partners; freedom from stress; ability to orgasm; freedom from sexual dysfunction; good mental and physical health; and frequency of sex and foreplay. An exciting sex life can also be impacted by one's socio-economic status.

Lala Akindoju and Kunle Afolayan in New Trailer For Dazzling Mirage by Tunde Kelani

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The premiere of the movie ‘Dazzling Mirage’ by veteran director; Tunde Kelani is just round the corner, and to keep us expectant, the producers have released a second trailer and new photos.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How Long Should Sex Last? This App Ranks American States - All Less Than 10mins!

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I've been in conversations where women vigorously debate the lasting power of their men when the main show in bed commences, some prefer it fast and others want a slow stroking, then there's the tantrics who can last hours. Though some have mocked the one-minute man, some women have also said anything more than 5mins non-stop is just punishment, hahaha. 

Mercy Ngozi Alu - Guest Author (Halima)

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Our author interview today is with Mercy Ngozi Alu, and her first book is Halima.

Tell us about yourself:  I come from Afikpo, in Ebonyi State of Nigeria.  My local Afikpo (Ehugbo) name, is Ogerigwogo, which can be translated Ogechukwu(God's time is the best).  The original word means lady of song or composition and dance.  I believe naturally, I am meant to be creative and full of ideas.  My father was, and still is a professor, and I must say, he instilled some discipline in me.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Is There Anything Like Caring Too Much In Your Relationship?

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CARE (meaning): Close attention; concern; responsibility; worry; upkeep.

When we care about each other in a relationship, we pay close attention to our partners, their emotions, their thoughts and their moods, which is nothing if not very normal. If we decide to rate the caring we give to our partners on a scale of 0-10, some people will rate at 8, some at 6, 4 gets my eyes rolling and 2 is evidently deficient but when we rate 12/10, should the partner remove their slippers, pick them up and run?

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Truth on Valentine's Day as Atala and I Celebrated 5 Years of Marriage

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I am a romantic, but I never thought marriage was easy, not even before I was married. When people say they were misled by romance novels into thinking relationships are a fairy tale, I say in mind, really? I've read thousands of romance novels and never had that delusion.

Mommy Time - Lupita Nyongo and Her Mother at the BAFTA Awards

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Lupita Nyong'o looked absolutely amazing in her emerald satin gown at the BAFTA Awards which held yesterday in London. And who did she take on the red carpet with her? Lupita's mother, Dorothy Nyong'o, was her daughters date! And isn't she so beautiful too?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chimamanda Adichie Talks About Relationships, Cooking, Dressing and Natural Hair

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In a recent interview by Elle, Chimamnda answers questions as diverse as her choice of dresses, what she expects from a relationship, whether she loves cooking, her writing routine, the characters in her books, feminism, and more. Enjoy...

Simon Cowell Shares First Baby Pictures of His Son Eric on Twitter

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Simon Cowell shared this picture of him tenderly cradling his newborn baby son on Twitter with the caption, “I never knew how much love and pride I would feel.” The proud dad welcomed his son, named Eric after Simon's father, on Friday and finally posted these pictures today with one close up of the tiny baby captioned, “Now you can see how very handsome little Eric is”.

Book Spotlight - Stolen Valentine Kiss by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

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Stolen Valentine Kiss by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
Publication Date: Feb 1st 2014
ISBN/EAN 13: 1495237931/9781495237935 (Paperback)
Genre / Categories: Fiction/Romance/Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Barack and Michelle Obama Show Sweet Valentine Love on Social Media

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Barack and Michelle Obama engaged in some social media PDA on Valentine's Day. Michelle Obama started the ball rolling by sharing the cute photo above. She posted the picture on Instagram yesterday with a loving message to her husband of 21 years. "Hey Barack, I'll always be your valentine! HappyValentinesDay –mo."

Friday, February 14, 2014

Obi Emelonye Marks Wedding Anniversary - He Met and Married His Wife Same Date

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Obi Emelonye shared this message a couple of days ago about why the date 12th of February is very significant for him and his wife, Amaka;

“My wedding anniversary; on the 12th of February 2001, I drove with T-Chidi Chikere to a location in Omole, Lagos for the film ‘Fire Dancer’ starring Genevieve Nnaji. When the gates of the huge house opened, I saw a young girl standing on the balcony upstairs. I turned around to T-Chidi and told him, pointing, that she was my wife.

Valentine's Day in Nigeria - President Goodluck and Dame Patience Get Their Groove On

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Reuben Abati, the special adviser on Media to the president, shared this picture of President Goodluck with the first lady Dame Patience, aka Mama Peace, on Twitter today. Along with the picture is the message that President Goodluck Jonathan wishes Nigerians a very happy Valentine's Day. The first couple of Nigeria are looking quite regal and romantic, yeah?

Check out their love story from Chapter Six of President Goodluck Jonathan’s authorized biography, Wind Of Hope.

Denrele Edun Shares Tribute to Goldie On The One Year Anniversary of Her Death

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Goldie, whose real names were Susan Bimpe Harvey, and one of Nigeria's most unique music artistes, died last year on Valentine's Day at the age of 31. One of Goldie's closest friends, Denrele Edun was by her side as she was rushed to the hospital and she may have died in his arms. In this touching tribute, Denrele shows us a different face to Goldie, may her soul continue to rest in peace.

Joy Bewaji Launches Audio Series - Tina's Shoes & Love Issues, Discusses The Magazine Club

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Joy Bewaji is a writer, editor, author, publicist and more. She is one of those people that if you'd seem me with her in Lagos, you would think we had known each other for years. Well, in a way, we have. We've been interacting online since 2009, working together, being FB friends all the while, and finally meeting last year when I attended the first episode of the Magazine Club. At the third edition, my fledgeling video channel interviewed Joy on her latest projects. Below is that interview with RML TV presenter Eniola Lawal, and more on Joy Bewaji's upcoming audio series, Tina's Shoes and Love Issues. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dear Single Ladies - How Do You Want Your Marriage Proposal?

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Don’t get all scared ladies, this post is not calling out anybody! I know some of us are still at the age where we shiver at that thought of marriage and some of us just think about it and say NOT YET!

Fine, for those of us who are ready and expecting the special man of our life to pop that question, some who are taking their time and finally to those that are saying it’s not yet time, if and when the time comes, how do/would you want it?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Got an STD? How To Anonymously Alert Your Sex Partner

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By Toni Sims

Need to notify your lover that they should get tested for a sexually transmitted disease (STD)? Well, send them an anonymous message! Yep, that’s right, you heard me.

Valentine's Day Boycott - An Ode to The Local Romance of the Nigerian Man

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By Baba Willy

In as much as sending out Christmas cards does not make one a Christian but only proves an ability to purchase and address card containing envelopes, I put it to you that purchasing a Valentine card with an accompanying present does not make one a romantic. What is romance after all? I am sure you will find the answer to that question is subject to personal interpretation. For some, receiving a gift of yards of lace material fits the bill. For others, a pat on the back followed by a kind word is enough. I have an issue with this Valentine’s Day thing. Let us go to the very beginning.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Using Online Business Directories To Save Time and Money And For Convenience Too

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Many people in Nigeria are still slowly coming to terms with the use of the internet and how online resources can be utilized for various purposes. For a lot of people, using social media like Facebook, Twitter and others, is still the primary thought that comes to their mind when you mention the internet. For a few more, they are also using search engines and doing a bit of online shopping. From my experience, it seems the use of online business directories and yellow pages is yet to take off.

Magazine Covers - Kate Henshaw on TW With Fitness Challenge Winner

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Last year, Kate Henshaw took part as the motivational celebrity in the TW 2013 Fitness Challenge. The winner of that contest has emerged and is featured this month on the cover of the latest edition of TW magazine with Kate Henshaw. They are both looking great!

Monday, February 10, 2014

How to Keep Your Sex Life Fresh and Vibrant in Marriage

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When it comes to marriage, many couples often expect their sex lives to take care of themselves; the reality is that it is an important aspect of relationships that needs tended to like anything else. If you never changed the oil in your car, would you be surprised when the engine stopped working? Once we realize that a boring sex life is not a broken sex life, that’s when we can start working toward improving intimacy in our relationships.

Stolen Valentine Kiss, A Flirty and Feisty Romance by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku [Guest Author]

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Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku is a fun loving mother of two, married to her very own gorgeous alpha male. She lives with her family in London after they relocated from Nigeria in 2007. In her leisure time, she goes swimming, reads romance novels, goes to Cinema, and watches TV. For her, writing romance novels is an exciting adventure that began in St Maria Gorretti Girls Grammar School, Benin City, Nigeria. She wrote play scripts that she acted out with my toys, then in 2010, she created Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Relationships and Marriage are about Marketing and Customer Services

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By Baba Willy

Buying and selling aids the planetary revolutions we enjoy. The same could be said about love as we pay for what we love with what we value. Living is all about exchanging items, services or concepts of value.  Each day millions of people wake up and go to where there is a market for the good skills they possess, (pick pockets included).  Those unfortunate to have nowhere to go will work hard at finding out who needs what they have to offer, in other words they market themselves.

Molasses - A Short Story by Unoma Nwankwor

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Twenty nine year old Adesuwa Eremu adjusted her eyes to the sunlight that invaded the room. This was the dawning of a new day, today she’d announce her engagement to sixty five year old Chief Xavier. She was never going to have an ordinary day again.  She turned over drawing the duvet over her head. She wished she could disappear. As a matter of fact, she had many wishes. Most essential among them, was that she had shut her mouth. She couldn’t believe the widowed millionaire was holding her to a wager she made six months ago.

Nse Ikpe Etim on New Movie Role, Marriage and How It Affects Her Career

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Devil in the Details is the title of Nse Ikpe Etim's new movie premiering in Ghana and online on Valentine’s Day, and in the previews and movie promos, the actress is seen topless. In this video interview filmed at her home in London, Nse explains the movie to Ghanacelebrities - why she took the job, and how it was working with director, Shirley Frimpong Manso and other Ghanaian actors.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Don Jazzy Shares Traditional Wedding Pictures to the Surprise of His Fans

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Don Jazzy shocked a lot of his fans when he shared the picture above of himself in traditional wedding attire with a woman that many quickly recognized. You will recognize her too if you look closely, lol...below is what Don Jazzy said as he shared the post..

Dear Single Ladies: You Know Dating A Married Man Is A Dead End, Right?

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I bet the factual and blunt ones already know why,well there are exceptions, for those who attach no strings to polygamy, it's not a dead end ( maybe more of a ghost end now) but I will like to remind such ladies that it certainly doesn't end there. Another beautiful lady is still coming after you, so be prepared!