Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Letter That Got Ali Baba Mad at Pastors Living Large Instead of Funding Enterpreneurs in Church

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About a week ago, comedian ALi Baba shared some tweets where he suggested that the pastors of large churches needed to have development funds for their church members instead of using the church tithes and offerings to enrich themselves and stock up on more exotic cars for their garages. He received a lot of blowback from his followers defending the practice. Today on his facebook page, he shared the reason for his tweets. I wish he had named and shamed. Anyway, read his account below...

Now that I have permission to post the inbox message that angered me I will now post it and leave you to your judgement. (names have been removed and other pointers to the church in question) But before I do, I would like to say I have been called different names by the staunch followers of these pastors that are living off the tithes, offerings and donations of the suffering congregations.

Like I asked one of them loyalists, no, I told one of them, if such venom of anger and filthy language of abuse could be coming from a member of a church with a pastor you so believe in, just because someone is SUGGESTING HOW TO MAKE LIFE BETTER FOR A CONGREGATION THAT YOU BELONG TO, It says a lot about your Christianity and your understanding of same. Not to mention calling to question the kind of teachings that your pastor has been passing on to you. Or is it that you are not born again? Because, To still have vulgarity and anger spewing from your person, means you need a visit to the deliverance department. Ooops!!! Sorry, I forgot you are in the DEFENCE department. The department that promotes and protects the infallibility of the pastor. You all need Christ!!

And this is the inbox message;

"Alibabs, long time. Calvary greetings. Congratulations on your wife's new assignment. Saw you at Tiwa's wedding. You looked good.
I wanted to come talk to you about joining a team of 4 non denominational Christian group who are trying to make a difference in the lives of youths in every church. We are not a church. We just want to make an impact. We do not mind a meeting to tell you how far we have gone and how much further we wish to go. We are careful in choosing partners. We don't want people who a bitter with their pastors, we just want people who have agape love.
Sometime back, while working in the benevolence department of.... (His) church. We got requests from people who needed 50k to buy sewing machines, 65k to acquire compressors for vulcanizing, 100k to rent stalls, 60k to lease above ground tanks for selling kerosine... And we submitted these requests to our supervising Asst Pastor, but after waiting for about 7 months, no answer and our Pastor bought a G-wagon of 28m, we knew we had to step in ourselves. Lets do what we can just like the early CHRISTIANS did. Lets not wait. Let us make these men financially stable, so they be the heads of the home as should be.
Lets empower our Christian youths, especially the men, so they can be great fathers. The issues they battle with today are getting worse by the day.
So, please join us, lets leverage on your reach and God's blessings to help our brothers.


  1. Yea, we all know how it is in dem churches. Thank God for the collecting and the giving nothing back.

  2. Religion is really the opium of the people. Someone is trying to fight for you and you're there defending your oppressors..... Brainwashed lot.

    1. Gbam! You have said it all!!!

  3. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer!

  4. I agree with you Ali Baba.


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