Saturday, January 18, 2014

So Toke Makinwa is Married to Maje Ayida - Why Does it Feel Like a Media Gimmick?

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I'm just reading news that Toke Makinwa got married to Maje Ayida in secret - though an anonymous person was kind enoug to send the pictures to key gossip blogs. Well, after a much publicized breakup such a low-key wedding makes me go hmmmm.

But beyond that, I'm a big fan of simple weddings, where the couple save their money and energy for the main dish which is the marriage and the rest of their life. So, media gimmick or not, love is always to be celebrated. Here's to wishing the new couple the best of marriage!


  1. It's either they couldn't afford a big society wedding coz you know Toke is a big drama production society wedding type chick or she couldn't bear the embarrassment of him not turning up to the wedding like he did during the first registry wedding she arranged where he was a no show confirmed gist from close friends. Let them wait for the euphoria to end that is when the real marriage will start. Tokstar, Maje will not change overnight now because he is a married man the same problems, issues and hang ups he had that he had you tag along for 12 years and you basically twisted his arm for an engagement ring will still be there. I wish you all the best and God' grace becuase you will surely need it with all the streets are saying about Maje.

  2. I am a fan a small and intimate weddings as well. Wish them a happy married life.

  3. I love your blog!!

    Yeah, I see your point. A public breakup demands a public reunion or wedding. There are a lot of things I ll never understand about these two. But regardless, wishing them a happy drama free married life.

  4. Tiwa and Teebillz look like the original.
    Toke and Waje look like they are getting by.

  5. Small weddings are nice because they save plenty cash for the main deal - building and sustaining themselves for a bit at least. Being able to pull of an effective crowd control(less than 20 people or so) is usually a huge 'wow' to me like Toke's....

  6. I always thought the same about this wedding and it seems to me like the real gist is coming out. Although there has been no comment from the "couple" yet, there is a new gist in town that the marriage was indeed a media gimmick.

    For now it is just rumors but there is no smoke without fire.

    People make wrong decisions all the time and sometimes don't know how to fix things. I hope they come out with the truth because that marriage was such a joke and so unreal it hurt my eyes to see those photos. And quite frankly no new after wedding photos of the couple have been released by either of them. Just saying...!

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