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Psst…Here's What Women Secretly Hate In Their Dates

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By Vani Chugh

What do women really want? Hard to figure out right, since most men aren’t given the gift to eavesdrop on their mental conversation like that lucky sod Mel Gibson! Good news is that women talk and discuss about what they like, so there’s some plenty of information out there. Then of course, yours truly is a woman who knows a thing or two about a thing or two!

So, assuming that you have met or been introduced to a girl through friends or even through the Internet, you may need to go on a date to figure out whether things can be taken further or not.

You may find yourself paying a lot of attention to what you will wear, where you will go and even what you will order. Sometimes, despite all your best-laid plans, you may suddenly find yourself feeling a little nervous because of the cold shoulder that your date is giving you.

Here are some things that you may be doing that have led to your companion to change from being interested to “Ugh, when will this date ever end?”

Being imbalanced
The term “imbalanced” here simply refers to your personality. Try and strike a balance between flamboyance and shyness. Try not to get overly cocky about your own self; even if you have a lot to boast about!

At the same time you should not be so reticent that the girl finds herself struggling to elicit words from you. Insecurity, over-sensitivity or even arrogance are just some of the things that are complete turnoffs for women.

Cigarette advertisements may lead you to believe that it is rather macho to have a cigarette stuck between your lips.

In real life, women really do not want to kiss an ashtray! In fact as per a poll conducted by on a sample size of 400 men and women,  ‘ashtray mouth’ was found to be the biggest turn off!

So, ditch the cancer stick and you probably have better chances at making a date sizzle with a different kind of chemistry altogether.  And if you have already reached the point of addiction, start weaning yourself off right away. You could try smoking cessation methods like e-cigs, nicotine gums, or even seek medical help. After all, it’s not just a question of you love life’s health, but your overall well-being as well.

This is probably a “date killer” even before you event begins. If you have made a commitment to be at a certain place at a certain time, then you have to ensure that you are there at least 10 minutes before that.

A girl, as modern as she may be, does not really like waiting all alone at the bar or at a restaurant for her date to show up.

Too much talking
At the risk of making a generalized statement, women love it when a man can listen to them. Truly listen! So, strike a balance between talking about yourself and finding out more about your date as well.

It would be great if you can actually listen to what she is saying and remember the details so you can refer back to them in due course of time in the evening. She will love the fact that you have paid attention and care enough to keep it in mind too.

Incidentally, your cell phone going off in the middle of a date is also capable of sounding the death knell for the date!

Being dull as dishwater
A woman is certainly looking for a great time, especially on her first date. She wants scintillating conversation, humor and some zing in the evening. Working on your conversational skills and coming across as smart and funny are sure shot ways of getting the date to be memorable.

In fact as per the 2012 Harlequin’s romance report a great sense of humor is still the top turn on for women, followed by a killer smile! So, brush those teeth as well as those conversation skills. Once again ditch that cigarette, if you are still holding on to it. Sparkly white teeth and cancer sticks don’t go hand-in-hand.

One of the easiest ways to find out whether you are hitting it off is to watch her body language. If she’s leaning towards you and her smile’s reaching her eyes, you are doing great!

Not bothering about physical space
Women often appreciate a man, who is chivalrous, but will never cross the line and get all touchy-feely on the first date. By all means, read your signals right and in case you think that it is okay to share a kiss or even a hug, then go for it.

It would be a mistake however to assume that you can cross a certain line when it comes to physical intimacy on the very first date.

About the Author: Vani Chugh writes blogs for Ecigarette reviewed. She is a qualified blogger and specializes in the health and tech niche areas.


  1. My worst is the dull as a dish washer. Urgh! Being an introvert, it already takes enough from me to be chatty and witty or interesting. So it pisses me off when he just sits there and has nothing (meaningful/sensible) to say.

    Then touchy-feely is a deal breaker, especially on the first date. It drives me insane when you barely know me yet you think it's ok to have your hand on my thighs or around my waist. It's one of the top reasons I've not gone beyond the first date with some guys.

    1. You can say that again about the touching thing, urgh! I hate it so much.

  2. I hate kissing a man who smokes too.

  3. This article nailed it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Being dull as a dishwater, yea... i feel that

  5. "In real life, women really do not want to kiss an ashtray!" this is true


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