Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Confession On Dencia's Whitenicious And Gluthathione - I Have Used Skin Toning Creams Too

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I've been meaning to write this post for almost a month now, since the soaring popularity of Glathathione hit the news. Now I'm reading news that Dencia's whitenicious skin care line has just sold out within one day of being launched. It could be a marketing gimmick, but being here in Lagos, it's not hard to see that a lot of girls are actually crazy about lightening up their complexion.

I remember ruminating on my own history of getting and keeping a smooth, evenly toned skin as I watched Tiwa Savage and Banky W discuss the topic of bleaching on the first episode of their show on EL TV. Omawumi was a guest on the show and she and Tiwa confessed that while younger, they had used toning creams - hot movate I think Omawumi called one of them - to try to clear spots or fade dark patches on their skin, or just to get generally lighter.

I confess, I did the same, my problem being that my face is much darker than my body and back in my late teens, I wanted an even look. My face actually got to the same tone as my quite fair thighs at some point, but I stopped when I realized I was becoming a slave to those creams and had got into a vicious cycle - from using them on only my face, I began using them all over as my face got lighter than my body. And there was also the fact that I got more enlightened about the active ingredients in those [supposed to be prescriptive] creams and the side effects of long term use.

So I quit. Cold turkey. But like an addict, I have gone back once or twice, and on the occassions when tough weather means my face is at its darkest, I think longingly of those lighter days. I am older and wiser now, and I don't bother to hide the marks to prove my flirting with skin toning, but it also means that I understand what some younger women may be going through and what's on their mind as they buy whitenicious and other creams like that.

Ms Jaie and the EL presenters of The Spot were discussing body image on their show yesterday, though focusing on being big, or parts of one's body they like. One thing that came out was that acceptance of one's self as you are is usually a process and may come only with age and maturity.

What do you think? Have you ever used a skin toning or bleaching product? Are you still using it, and if you stopped, why and how did you come to accept the color you are?

PS _ please no bashing. You can share your own story as anonymous and/or vote by the right.


  1. I stop and start. I get to the complexion I want then I try to maintain. I recently went darker and started using it again. The stop/start process continues. Very addictive. I also use a lot of coconut oil, shea butter, lemon and milk.

    1. The coconut oil and others are natural and probably better in the long run for your skin, but I sure feel you :)

  2. This is quite an honest post. Most of us would rather never talk about it. Or we're already whitey and have burnt all our childhood pictures haha!

  3. Thanks for sharing Myne. I toyed with the idea of using these products but I was just too dark. So it's me and my dark skin :)

    1. Thanks Anon and Bose. Glad you liked the post.

  4. I get the feeling that you feel guilty about your on and off affair with skin lightening (thus the explanation) but I could be wrong.
    . I never actively tried to bleach (I nor get liver) plus I'm not consistent and I hate creams, (nigeria is too hot!). I Use only from toes to knees then my elbows (those areas that get ashy) and I use anything from Vaseline to ori to baby oil to my mum's fair n white cream, anything I lay my hands on. However, last year I succumbed to pressure and bought QEI carrot soap at my friend's insistence and I hear I got lighter but once the soap finished that was the end of my affair with bleaching, I couldn't be bothered to continue. I admire light skinned ladies, bleached or natural, but I think I'm just too in love with myself the way I am. My friend once said to me "this your color nor dey move market again". Oh well.....


    1. Fair and white cream is also a bleaching cream it contains hydroquine even though it may not be in the list of ingredients openly trust me it is a bleaching cream

    2. *hydorquinone*

    3. Notice I said anything I can lay my hands on, and also that it's my mum's? Then I also added that I used QEI soap which also bleaches. I meant I've never actively pursued that goal, and it's unlikely I will.

    4. I don't feel guilty, I share stories to connect. The way I see that time in my life, it's all part of growing up, and as a writer, it's always good to have stories to tell :)

    5. Hahaha!! Your colour no dry move market.....That's funny. Same here though, I have never pursued it.

  5. Very honest post Myne. Happy New Year to you!
    I haven't tried skin lightening creams because my skin is so sensitive and I'm too scared to change from my regular Olay for face and Jergens for body.
    As an ex-tomboy ........and.....Considering the first time I used make up was after I left university, I think my beauty routine of brushing my teeth and moisturising twice a day is tedious enough. LOL
    To each his own........If a girl has to radically change her appearance to feel beautiful, she has deep issues.

    1. i agree with u........any body dats feels she needs to change to b beautiful.....indeed has deep issues..

    2. That is probably true. Happy New Year NIL, been a while.

  6. I started bleaching at the age of 17 because my mums sister lived with us and she bleaches, she woukd even send me out to buy her bleaching cream then. But i did not bleach pass a year or even close to a year i just got bored n tired cuz i was young n naive then. But i woukd neva attempt that rubbish again. I use vaseline to cream my body & after my son is born we will be using shea butter with olive oil together shikena.

    1. I hear Shea Butter is really good. But haven't found where I cah have consistent access to it. For now, I use Olay for body and neutrogena products with high SPF for my face.

  7. I have used the clear essence fade cream for my face when I felt it was darker than other parts of my body...it worked for a while and then my face started getting darker than it was initially....I just stopped...don't know if such creams aren't meant for me sha...but I don't think I will try again...all I do now is use seamed clear gel on my face and am good to go.

    I think it's true about aging and getting comfortable with your skin....I don't think I am bothered about skin color as much as I am about having spotless and healthy skin.

    1. Exactly the point I find myself now too. Health is the priority :)

  8. hey dear, been a while! Just thought l stop by to say happy new year to you. My greetings to you and your spouse.

    1. Same to you too dear. Thanks for reading, hope you're good?

  9. Dear Myne, I've been refreshing your blog every other hour but no new post. Why nau? I really love your blog, just so you know.

    1. Been so busy but have some fresh posts coming up. Thanks so much for your support.

  10. I haven't used skin lightening creams before, but I remember a lot of girls using toning creams back in secondary school. I was tempted to use them too to get a more even tone on my face, but I never did. I think it was the cost of the creams that turned me off more than anything. Now, it's not even an option.

  11. Happy New Year! I forgot to add :-( Wishing you an awesome 2014!

    1. Happy New Year to you RB!

      I didn't have money for creams in secondary school too, but I promised myself I would when I had the money to in Uni :)

  12. I was born very light-skinned, and living in the Northern part of Nigeria regardless of the hot weather, my skin tone retained itself until I moved to Lagos. From then on, with acne that discoloured my features, even moving outside of Nigeria, I had to purchase serums and facial washes - whether Clinique or Clarins - to help rebalance my tone. But one thing I realized was that I never wore sunscreen during my younger years, so my facial skin tone will revert back to it's old self. Now that I am older and mature and more careful, I don't want to be light-skinned like Dencia - God forbid - I am naturally fair (kind of inbetween). But infact, I do use a very reliable product to restore my face's tone. We all have to be honest. There are legitimate reasons for using lighting soaps - I don't encourage the creams - but legitimate reasons due to scars or acne/pimples. Especially when you have your neck, hands, thighs and legs one colour and face the other - you need to even it out. One does not have to use these cosmetics religiously and constantly, but I advice, use with sunscreen. Always wear suncreen. If you are naturally dark without any skin problems, there is no reason for you to use this products, if you are fair, but so greedy to become extra light skinned, you are an idiot.

  13. The sad thing is the feeling the lighter is better.. that implies white is better... I am the product of America a light skinned women. don't buy into white being better... black is beautiful!

  14. I seen this a really want to try it. I am in my mid 30's a still get compared to a raccoon alot. It sounds like lighting some areas may work. I will try it. Cautiously because of the unknown ingredient that is VERY ACTIVE. Hope that I don't get skin cancer or something behind it.

  15. You could bleach yourself but never your soul. You could ever make black babies. Even white women try to look Black to make their husband happy. He would always the white woman with black features for the white babies or real pro-black woman(dark skinned). Men don't care much for the looks but the strength, innocent and strong love. Asian countries would maybe look at her as a beautiful creamy goddess. She just a image to poison people.You need lights, camera flash, money, good doctors, makeup and so much drama to look perfection. I use natural remedies to remove my spots. Beauty fair like leaves on the true.When you have bright bleaching skin get ready for pre-mature wrinkles, peeling, grayish look and the list is long. She have the money to stay good. She's the company top product and spokesperson to erase everything. If you guys want to free beautiful. Read your history(Pan Africanist, Khemets,European Rich Nigress and much more.) How can you enjoy outside with layers of cloth and umbrella to protect your skin. You really want to be a beautiful vampire without seeing the light. This is madness.

  16. for me, i have been battling dark spots on my legs for the past 14 years now, due to a skin condition i had in 1997. since the spots took over most parts on my legs, i have used a couple of lighten products. earlier i used the ones with hydroquinone, but when the findings came out that it could be dangerous in the long run, i switched to other products. honestly, i have done it all, from fading creams to chemical peels and micro- dermabrasion even to taking a high dosage of the glathathione peels. the only thing i know i havent done yet is a laser treatment, which i may do in the future once i move to a location where it is done. even with all these and all this time, the spots are still there. i am thinking of trying the whitenicious product, not because i want to bleach my body but because i am hoping it will help in finally fading out my spots and also with the hope that it contains no steroids, hydroquinone or mercury in it.

  17. Plz wat can I use for ma dark spots but wunt tone ma complexion..m rily tired ov tryin out therapies

  18. Plz wat cn i Use. To clear ma dark spots dat wunt tone me..tired ov tryin out various therapies

  19. I currently use turmeric oil and heavy cream on my face as a mask every other day to remove dark spots. The other days that I am not using the mask, I do use a bleaching cream...I know that it is dangerous so I try to use it at a bare minimum..but I do know that turmeric and heavy cream is a natural lightner and makes your skin flawles..u see the changes immediately

  20. My Choice is Anti-Aging Collagen Cream it is really good using it for more than five years now. Best wishes...

  21. Most people tone bcos they have acne and spots, like me. I used to have acne, pimples and spots on my face, back and chest. Even my shoulders. But I came across a product which is actually made with fruits nd other lightening ingredients. My friend makes it and it has worked wonders. But guess what! It tones. U might even say I bleached on purpose. So I don't judge people that bleach, they all have their reasons.

  22. @ proper bini girl,I have severe acne problems. Can you share the name of the product? Thanks

  23. @ Proper Bini Girl, can you share the name of the product/ingredients? I suffer from severe acne on my face, back and shoulder.

  24. exactly...please share what worked wonders...ingredients please. Acne proned sufferer always want to know

  25. Does Gluthathione even really work? I wanna know. & p.s I have tried a lightening cream before when I was about 14 -15 and it has made my face lighter than my body because before my face was darker than my body. So now, I might try whitenicious until my whole body is the same color. And then, im going to stop because I know its not healthy at all. but at least its better than the other bleaches. :crazy:



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  28. I suggest you have a look at products made from the Phytoceramides. It contains ingredients to act as anti wrinkle and anti aging cream, at the same time stimulates skin regeneration and replenish daily moisture loss. Phytoceramides is rich in Amino Acids and minerals, stimulating skin rejuvenation with the effect of a smooth, soft and healthy skin.

  29. What face toe do you use, if i may ask? I have a tone problem

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  32. When I was growing up, I saw the people were slightly obsessed with toning and getting even skin tone. I never really bothered because my mom handled all my cosmetics. When I ventured out on my own, I still didn't think about it. My family says I am darker now but I don't care as far as I can recognise myself in the mirror. I love using natural products because they are great for my skin. Besides, I think as Nigerians we should be more concern with sun protection, everyone needs sunscreen. As for getting rid of dark spots, natural products like lemon, honey and turmeric have been of great help to me. A healthy diet and some good make up would also help.

  33. Hello. I myself suffer from an uneven skintone and I also have spots on my legs from mosquito bites and childhood fun but I discovered that taking cool showers evened my skin out a lot instead of making me an ugly lighter colour I now have a dark rosy looking complextion you should try don't be scared :)

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  39. Is this company afraid to display the ingredients in this product? WHat are the ingredients in this product ? I am intelligent and I would like to judge for myself.....Someone is afraid to divulge the ingredients!!!!!!

  40. Hmmmm....this is such an interesting thread. Thanks for this post. Now I am wondering if I unknowingly bleached my skin lol. I always had great skin and used just Vaseline. Then I started using other stuff like jergens body lotion (lol) as I grew older. But after a while, stress caused acne and led to acne scars and I just had unevenness. I was always scared of bleaching creams or creams with hydriquinone so I did not even bother. I used a dark spot corrector serum from Kiehls which seemed to work but was slow and pricey so I stopped. One day I found a post on lemon and I decided to try it. I started to use lemon (fresh from Walmart) squeezed into a small bottle as a daily toner on my entire face (to avoid hypopigmentation in just one area) every night. My skin tone looked a lot better (brighter and glowy) after about 2-4 weeks and my spots lightened up a lot. Not completely gone. Just much much lighter that I don't even notice it sometimes. So if dark spot correcting products are bleaching, maybe I did bleach my skin with lemon I don't know lol. But my face is still like a shade darker than my chest so maybe not I am confused. My powder shade is the same as well. So I really don't think lemon "bleached" me. So, if you want to safely brighten your skin and lighten spots naturally, I would say lemon is a safe choice.

    On another note, I am not really sure if there is a difference but i want to believe toning is indeed different from bleaching in that it is the action of evening and maintaining one's skin tone. If so, I really don't see a problem with that at all. The same way one may choose to maintain one's weight (or something). I don't also completely knock ppl who try to lighten their skin to even out certain areas as well. Truth is, living in a place like Nigeria that is almost always sunny will certainly darken your skin after a while and cause worse hyperpigmentation especially because sunscreen is not used. Think of kids who were lighter and got darker as they grew older. No, it's not maturity, it's the frying of the sun lol. If you see that your skin is getting darker and want to correct that, I don't see what's really wrong with that. Just don't get crazy and keep lightening to whiteness or having a goal to be lighter than you normally are. Lighten if you want to but stop when you can see the hyperpigmentation has been corrected and just use sunscreen from that point on. Two things to help you: sunscreen and a lemon based toner. Better yet, use raw lemon!

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  42. I know I'm late to this chat but I just read a comment on facebook that drove me to research on Google'S SEO a lady mentioned that as we age we get lighter due to lifestyle Etc.

    I myself disagree cos my grandma of 70 years + still asked me to buy lightening cream while she was in her 60s now my mum constantly supplies her with shea butter and extra virgin olive oil.

    As for this post I myself I am a natural junkie from my hair to nails. Initially I used only Olay products then I migrated to using home made Ghana black soap mixed with lemon (Which eventually left burnt patches on my face - I'M naturally light skinned) and a DIY mixture of Shea butter, olive oil (a natural sun screening agent and prevents skin cancer) & sometimes honey


    It works, as in it maintained my skin colour but mid-day I drip of oil or the honey starts feeling funny on my skin so I showered 3 times a day. Till I met a lady who introduced me to an organic product from Italy www.primaspremitura.it/eng a good product by all means - made from Extra virgin oil , contains shea butter and some other oils. It was not sold in Nigeria initially but now I and some colleagues are working on bringinG it into Nigeria. The producers stresses that it's not a lightening cream but I am lighter (obviously sun screen agents oil olive oil) & my skin is evened out. I barely use my foundation and powder now except during the monthly cycle I use it to cover the pimples. While I used the natural shea butter alone, I was not lighter but my skin felt beautiful,partially even skin tone but was darker than my natural colour ( did not mind it though) and my skin was/is smooth barely had spots of course only during the monthly visitor But with this product I'm done with the DIY routines (miss calculated the olive oil & honey quantity and always had to keep it refrigerated cos most times it would dissolve on my dresser and attracted insects).

    The secret behind using natural organic products is that even when you stop using it your skin (well from my experience) stays the same for about 2 months before I got darker but spots could come due to exposure to pollution & not cleaning the skin properly. Unlike synthetic products or chemically mixed products you see the difference in weeks.

  43. I would never think about bleaching. I am happy with my glowing light carmel complexion. I pray that women stop worshiping that white is better.

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