Thursday, January 2, 2014

[Advice Corner] My New Suitor Only Texts But Has Never Called Me Since We Were Introduced?

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Dear Myne, Can you please post on your blog? I'd like feedback from your readers, thank you. :-)

I was introduced to a guy by a colleague/friend a while back and he sends me text every few days to say hello but he's never called. This has been going on for a while but the conversation never goes beyond that. I try to ask and know more about him but he doesn't seem to get the hint.

I would like to think he's shy or taking things slow but to be honest, I think he's just not that into me. Is this me being presumptious or do I need to be patient and see if he ever even shows interest in me? I'm thinking of cutting him off and moving on with my life.

Patient Girl...

ps...not sure how to contact you so decided to send you this message via your comments section-apologies. :)


  1. He's not into you, that's what's at the tip of my tongue but there could be other reasons? I'm wondering if you guys are in the same country, have you both met physically? Does he try to make plans for you guys to see? Is he trying to spend time with you and get to know you better too? I think a guy who's interested would do these among others. You guys aren't kids so the question of call credit certainly can't apply here. In your shoes I would talk to the the colleague that did the introductions to get an idea of what the guy is thinking, since talking to him would be quite awkward. Or better still, I might just take a hint and move on. This is quite hard if you like the person. I know because I'm going through the same thing right now.
    Are you sure he's single too?

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  2. Jst give him time he will difinately com around dnt push tins too much. Do d girls tin pay less attentn to him dt will also hlp. Glowhite

  3. Since he doesn't say anything more than hi to you - what makes you think that he's a suitor?

  4. Why not call him yourself, or tell him plainly to call you?

  5. Please do not allow this guy spoil your 2014 o, move on sharperly!

  6. Woman, someone introduced a guy to you and he has become a suitor? The guy might be occupied with other things. Don't go forcing yourself on a man that is not available. Move on with your life, if he comes around and you are still available...good, if not c'est la vie.

    I have learnt something in my many many years on earth. A guy that is into you will chase you, if he does not...he is not into you. Keep it pushing. Don't complicate your life dear. Sorry for being harsh, but una no dey hear advice delivered softly.

  7. Hi Myne,

    I was the one who asked the question initially. Came back to say thanks for posting. I appreciate the feedback from your readers. Have a great weekend! :)

  8. blessings.....
    Why does she think she is helpless to the situation? Woman rise up! Set some standards and stop texting that fool, interest/want/desire/love is a two street not a one way alley.

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