Tuesday, January 14, 2014

8 out of 10 Nigerian Men Don't Use Condom, According to Society for Family Health

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Bright Ekweremadu, the Managing Director of Society for Family Health, said over 1.8billion sexual activities occur in Nigeria yearly, and 80% of them are unprotected. Mr Ekweremadu said if Nigerian men were to use condoms, no supplier in the world would be able to afford the quantity of condoms Nigerian men would need. I am not surprised. Are you? Read on...

He said their research showed that young Nigerians between 18 and 34 years in the cities of Lagos & Abuja make the highest use of condoms.
He said many sexually active Nigerian men have several excuses for not wanting to use condoms. Excuses like "I am healthy, I dont have infections, flesh to flesh is sweeter" etc...
He said there are so many cases of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies reported yearly because of people's refusal to use condoms. He also said their research shows that the women don't insist on condoms.

Funny thing is, in as much as a lot of Nigerians love pretending no one has sex, all the evidence consistently show that majority is doing it, including the so-called abstainers in church.

Now I have nothing against sex when your heart and mind are mature enough to handle it, but this behavior right here from this survery show that a lot the people having sex are not prepared, and using condoms is even the littlest part of being prepared.

And I'm annoyed at the women who do not insist on condoms. No matter how e sweet you reach, most of the negative impacts of sex prepondorantly affect women. It is easier for us to catch infections, including HIV, a pregnancy would more significantly destabilize a woman's life than her male partner, etc. So why not prevent all this drama by using a simple condom?

One man complained to me that two women he had talked to with the intent to marriage confided in him they'd had abortions in the past, and he was lamenting that so many Nigerian women from their mid-twenties were the same. I gave him the side-eye and asked him if they got themselves pregnant? It definitely wasn't immaculate conception.

I asked him if he'd ever been sexually active? Yes. Used condoms? Not usually. Ever got a woman pregnant? Once. What happened? She got an abortion. So why was he casting these women as evil? He was a big player in the game I told him. It was men like him who refused to use condoms, and who put the women in the position where they couldn't say NO or ask for condoms, that were the cause of the high rate of abortions! And now he at 38 wants to go for an 18 year old. I wished him good luck.

To cut a long story short sha, please men, in Nigeria, you're the Oga. Be wise, and use condom. Save everyone the stress of your wild oats.

Women, ejoor. Your life, health and future may be at stake. Please insist on condoms.

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