Thursday, November 28, 2013

Some Uninvited Women Attend Weddings Every Weekend Looking and Hoping For a Husband?

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By Mauryn Bello

A friend of mine got wedded a few weeks ago and since I couldn't make it to the wedding, I paid her a brief visit earlier today. I met her unwrapping her wedding gifts and the inscription on one of the gifts caught my attention. It read thus;

For Guys: This is How You Can Keep Up With Your Girl's Numerous Male Friends

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A lady who makes loads of friends of both genders, especially the opposite sex, is usually a free spirit, a genuinely friendly person. Before a guy can develop the tactics to keep up with such a lady, if she is his girl, and her numerous male friends, he has to be certain if they are simply just her friends, or if they are his own rivals. And how do you ascertain that? Your girl's kind of person/personality, she falls in either of the following two categories:

Picture Postcards From Lagos - Danfo Hustle

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By Devesh Uba

Danfo is clearly the symbol of Lagos. I think these yellow buses resonate with the spirit of the Lagos city. These VW vans are always in a hustle, moving people from one part of the mega-city to another. The conductors are often standing out, feeling the Lagos wind on their faces. I have also heard the song 'I am a Danfo driver' and I quite like it. I have no doubts, if you look at Lagos from skies it will look all yellow :)

Man of The Week - Didier Drogba Covers GQ Magazine's Turkish Edition

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Listed as one of GQ's men of the year 2013, Didier Drogba is on the Turkish Edition of the magazine in a black tux and bow tie. Looking very eye candyish. Who is a fan of Didier?