Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Three Weeks in Nigeria and Just Catching My Breath

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I came to Nigeria for a project and I'll be here for till the New Year, all things being equal. After the mad rush of my first weeks, I'm finally beginning to breathe and get my bearings. I've spent most of this time in Lagos, and as if to punish me for not being a fan, the city has been dealing with me, mostly through light and traffic. Power is peripatetic to the worst degree, and the traffic na die!

Are You Still Rooting For Olivia Pope on Scandal?

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Since being in Nigeria, I've found myself being in the position of recommender of good movies and series coming out of the States. One of my favorite shows for the past couple of years has been Scandal and I have mentioned it to various people without going into details about the story line. To be honest though, while I still follow the show, I've kinda become jaded to the love story between Olivia and the president which started out as my favorite storyline.

Short Story - Slack by Uche Peter Umez

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 Chidera tried to push him away, but Mr. Nnamdi grabbed her by the waist.

‘Sir, you’re hurting me,’ she cried, wishing she’d left the office much earlier.

His grip slackened. ‘I’m sorry. But I’ve fallen for you – ’

Magazine Covers - Michelle Obama For the Ladies Home Journal

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The American First Lady, Michelle Obama looks great on the December cover of the Ladies Home Journal where she talks about Christmas at the White House and how it compares with the festive season as a child. “Christmas has always been a special time in my household. Growing up, we lived in a little-bitty apartment, but my mom put her heart and soul into decorating that house,” she reveals.

Lupita Nyong’o - Promoting Twelve Years a Slave Transforms Actress to Fashion Icon

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Lupita Nyong’o is an upcoming Kenyan actress working internationally, and currently her acting skills, a solid education in film and red carpet fashion has made her one of the most high profile actresses this year. She recently starred as Patsey in “12 Years of Slave” opposite Chiwetel Ejiofor, an amazing performance that I won't be surprised if it garners her lots of nominations and awards.

Daddy Time - Ice Prince Brings Son on Stage at Fire of Zamani Album Launch

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Ice Prince celebrated the launch of his Fire of Zamani (FOZ) album with a star-studded concert over the weekend. While performing the hit track, “Aboki” from the album, Ice Prince brought up his son Jamal to join him on stage. Poor toddler looks shy and tired, but it's certainly a sweet kodak moment.