Monday, October 28, 2013

Depressed First Lady, Clara Chime, Under House Arrest By Her Husband, the Governor of Enugu State?

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The story of Clara Chime's detention in her own home by her estranged husband, Governor Sullivan Chime has just been published by Sahara Reporters and though it has not been corrobaorated by any other news source, I wonder if there are not elements of truth in it? I hope she gets the help she needs if it turns out indeed that the governor is using his office and her fragile mental health against her. According to SR,

What Works and What Doesn't Work in Real Life Relationships

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By Eniola Lawal

So the last time I wrote on 'when your man needs space', a guy made it point blank that we need to write in to help them too. Not like my posts don't do that already, but I will fulfill my promise soonest to write specifically for the guys. You know as a lady, I know what our shortcomings can be in a relationship, I know what we like and what we don't which makes it quite easy to point out what the ladies have to bear in mind.

Omoni Oboli Writes Husband Nnamdi a Lovely Message To Mark Their Wedding Anniversary

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Omoni Oboli and her husband Nnamdi Oboli have been married 13 years, and the couple have three sons. To mark their wedding anniversary, which is 28th October, the Nollywood actress wrote this really touching message on Instagram to share the happy day with her fans and what keeps them together and going strong,

Life With Boko Haram - Opinion By Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani

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In December 2010, Nigeria experienced its first wave of terrorist bombings at Christian churches. In 2011, we had our first-ever suicide car bombing, at the United Nations headquarters here. The explosion rattled my nearby office building. Flinging myself on the floor, I assumed it was an earthquake. A bomb was still the last thing on my mind.

Short Story: Late by Uche Peter Umez

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Amaka had developed this chafing habit of ignoring Chike each time he asked her a question, as if she saw him as one who had to be tolerated. Chike often tried to stomach it, since she looked mostly frazzled, even at sunrise. His two boys were a storm, he knew. Their tantrums could wreak your mind, their teacher had complained.

[Web Series] Waiting... Episode 6

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The week back at work was brutal; it felt as if I was gone for a year rather than a week with the amount of work I had to catch up on. My only weekend plans involved me not leaving my apartment, a movie marathon and my comfortable college sweatpants. Friday came later than expected but I was still grateful because I hadn’t had any downtime at work since the week began.