Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Couples That Kiss Frequently Have Healthier Long-Term Relationships?

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Why do we kiss? Sure it's fun, but not when you really think about it. Swapping saliva and what ever else lives in your partner's mouth doesn't sound so cool when spelled out like that. So for a long time now, scientists interested in human behavior have pushed out one theory after another on why people kiss. Apart from the fun, is there any other benefit?

Angelique Kidjo Meets Up With Asa in Lagos and Talks About Her Nigerian Roots!

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Angelique Kidjo was in Lagos, Nigeria for a concert put together by Smooth FM Radio Station and in the run-up to the event, she was interviewed by one of their presenters. As well as being ecstatic to meet a very relaxed Asa in the studio, Angelique Kidjo was also amazing to everyone else, and spoke fluent Yoruba for most of the interaction. Turns out her mother has roots in Iseyin and she has family in Nigeria still. Wow, what an awesome lady. Will love to meet her someday. See the video below...

Family Time - Eldee Shows Off His Wife and Two Daughters

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Musician Eldee loves sharing pictures of his family on Instagram and it's easy to see why, his ladies are just so cute. He captioned the most recent pictures taken of his wife and daughters as "the labelles" - the beautiful ones. They sure are :)

How To Know Your Partner Loves You Without Them Saying a Word

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By Samantha Escobar

Has your guy been fairly silent in the 4-letter-word department, and you're trying to figure out other ways to tell if he loves you? Sometimes, this can be hard; not everybody is vocal or obvious about their feelings, and many may feel it is difficult to voice those deeper emotions whether it's for fear of rejection, commitment or simply never having said "I Love You" before. Here are some subtle, silent ways to tell if he's thinking it.

Quote of the Day - Always Believe in Yourself

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