Monday, September 30, 2013

Woman Killed By Oncoming Train While Doing The Sexy on Railroad Tracks

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An Ukrainian woman and her boyfriend were run over by an oncoming train after they topped to have sexual relations on the railroad tracks.  The woman died on the spot and the man had his legs cut off by the train. Gory, right? I am all for spicing up one's sex life but not so dangerously. Maybe we should just stick to the bed when conji strikes?

[Advice Corner] My Soul Mate Broke Up With Me, How Will I Ever Find Another?

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Please help. I am looking for advice especially from those already married. I turned 28 this year and am currently in a work contract that won't allow me to marry until just before my 30th birthday so I'm not rushing to be married but it's been over 2 years since I have been "in love" and I'm afraid it's because my last relationship ruined my perspective on love.

Couple Love - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at The Givenchy Fashion Show

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Kim Kardashian is taking a break from mommy duty to North West for some couple time in Paris with her man Kanye West who is presenting at the Paris Fashion Week. The couple were photographed arriving at the Givenchy show. Kim is wearing a black gown with peplum ruffles and a thigh-high slit, and high heeled sandals with ankle straps. You like?

Watch Nigerian Movies Online - Uche Jombo's Damage

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Damage deals with the issue of domestic violence and the psychological effect it could have especially on the children. A man and his wife love each other immensely yet their day to day life can only be described as a "cat and mouse" situation as they fight violently almost on a daily basis. I watched Damage and would rate it a 3 out of 5, there is good use of suspense and even if hyperbolic, it nails the message of no to domestic violence perfectly.

Uche Nnaji and Anthonia Onwamaka - Photos From Their White Wedding

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Uche Nnaji, CEO of Ouch, and Anthonia Onwamaka celebrated their marriage in an intimate white wedding after a larger traditional wedding held last month [see traditional wedding pictures]. More pictures below...