Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Couple Love - Segun Arinze and Wife Julie

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Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze got married to his wife, Julie, back in 2008 and they have two young sons. The couple were recently photographed together at the just concluded Miss Earth pageant in Lagos. Segun is from Badagry in Lagos while Julie is from Oguta in Imo State. She is a lawyer and a staff of Slumberger, a multinational construction and services company in Nigeria.

What Kanye West Appreciates About Kim Kardashian - She Doesn't Ask Him For Money

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Kim Kardashian has her own money, together with Kanye West, she was listed as one of the top earners in American entertainment. Kanye West says this fact, and that Kim has her own identity makes him appreciate her a lot, and made him love and decide to stick with her. He also is very openly grateful for the family they've started with their daughter, North "Nori" West.

Uche Jombo Rodriguez Covers Red Sheet Magazine - Says Husband is Not White

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Uche Jombo married Puerto Rican Kenny Rodriguez in May 2012 in his home country [see pictures] and it seems people insist he is White. While to many Nigerians, not black means white, Kenny lives and works in the United States where Puerto Ricans are mostly known as Latinos, and may be of Mexican or Spanish origins, which in America is not white. So Uche is right. Lovely cover too :)

Family Make the Reception of their Daughter's Cancelled Wedding a Party For the Homeless

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This Atlanta couple were not happy when their only daughter cancelled her wedding about a month to the day. They were sponsoring the reception and had already paid non-refundable deposits for the venue, food and drinks, etc for 200 guests. As the wife was about to get to the frustrating task of calling to let the vendors know they wouldn't be going ahead, her husband brought up the idea of donating the reception to the homeless and making the day a joyous one of giving.

How to Love Children Through the Pain of Divorce By Gerald Rogers

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By Gerald Rogers

Tonight, Peter, my little four year old cried himself to sleep calling for his mom, and as I lay beside him, I cried too. There’s no way around it… Divorce sucks. And there are many casualties. The saddest are the little hearts that are hurt in the process. EVERY child deserves to grow up in a home under the strength and protection of a loving father and mother who are always there for them. And every parent has an obligation to fight to provide that for them.

Agbani Darego, Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola, Rita Dominic Shortlisted For The Jaguda 15 Hottest Women in Nigerian Entertainment

Posted in: , is asking for the hottest women in entertainment, I would have been rolling my eyes, but I guess a lot of people in the entertainment industry are there because they look good, when they have talent like the list compiled by Aribaba and his team, it is doubly rewarding. Read about the ladies they have shortlisted below....

Vacation Time - Munachi Abi Goes to Hollywood

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Munachi Abi, TV presenter and singer, is recently vacationed in Los Angeles and shared some of her experiences in pictures. She walked among the hollywood stars, posing for a special picture with Micheal Jackson's star, gisted with a costumed pirate who wanted to know if Nigerians spoke English, tasted the famous georgetown cupcakes and the LA Pinkberry, etc.

Darlene Benson out With Music Video For New Single Idara

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Darlene Benson Cobham is making a new name for herself as an singer after several years working in Nollywood as an actress. The music video for her new single Idara has just been released and it's a lovely outing. "Idara" is a Calabar word for "Joy" and the song talks about joy, peace and happiness no matter the pains, troubles and problems of life.

Quote of the Day - Expectation is the Root of all Heartache

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