Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 Ways For New and Not So New Parents To Cope With Baby Crying At Night

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Waking at 2am, then feeding, carrying, diaper changes, cooing, and burping a crying baby are things new and not so new parents have to get used to in the first year of their child’s life. Getting a good night’s sleep within the first six months of having a child may be just a dream.

She Will Not Take Husband's Name - What's Worst Surname You Can Imagine?

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Kate Winslet married her longtime boyfriend Ned back in December last year and the couple are happily expecting their first child together. Guess his surname, Rocknroll! Since their marriage, there has been a lot of jokes about her husband's surname, and speculations on whether she would change her surname to Rocknroll.

Kerry Washington Named World's Best Dressed Woman by People Magazine

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Kerry Washington has over the past couple of years taken over as a style maven, especially after she became Olivia Pope on “Scandal”. Now, the actress has been named the world’s best-dressed woman by People magazine. In her cover of Flare Magazine, she says of her red carpet adventures,

Ears, Lips, Eyes - What Facial Feature is a Turn Off in a Potential Date?

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Science strikes again. Supposedly men with wide faces can be selfish, worse, they can also make those who are around them and who interact with them act selfishly as well. I don't know if how men with wide faces are supposed to feel about this, and if it will mean that ladies will think twice before giving a wide-faced potential date or suitor a chance.

Couple Love - David Beckham Tattoos Victoria, his Wife's Name on the Back of His Hand

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David Beckham and his wife of 14 years, Victoria, Posh Spice of former Girl Band, Spice Girls are always very fashionable and in the past few years, they have become almost inseparable at events and on the red carpet. These pictures were taken at a recent outing to a Global Fund Party.

Family Time - Robin Thicke and Paula Patton With Son in New York

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Paula Patton, Robin Thicke's wife has been under a lot of speculation recently. Open marriage? Cheating? Who knows? The family are just doing them. Love these pictures of the couple out shopping with their son in New York.

Another Royal Wedding - Prince Felix and Claire Of Luxembourg Get Married

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Prince Felix Of Luxembourg and Claire Lademacher, in a departure from most royal weddings celebrated their marriage in a low key Civil Wedding at Villa Rothschild Kempinski on September 17 in Germany. Prince Felix and Princess Claire also showed their uniqueness by selecting this  tiny car [reminds me of a Keke but is actually a BMW] for their going away vehicle. See more pictures of the lovely couple below...

Munachi Abi, Ufuoma Ejenobor and Temi Dollface Cover Wedding Planner Magazine

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The current Wedding Planner Magazine has the theme, Pink Champagne Fantasy, so I can understand why the cover is unrelentingly pink. Luckily, the ladies in their beautiful wedding gowns stand out. Lovely!

Toddlers and Tiaras No More - France Senate Votes To Ban Kid Beauty Pageants

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While I support beauty competitions, I believe they should be for adults, and with the introduction of Male Pageants, I doubt anyone can still point to gender bias in such contests. But pageants for little girls, and especially in the way they are carried out, still leave a lot to be desired.

Beyonce Keeps it Casual and Smart For Her Vacation Style

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When I was packing for our mini vacation,  I was torn between casual and smart. Of course, I can't hope for Beyonce's wardrobe, but it's nice to see what I can borrow from her look, certainly not the Daisy Dukes above though :)