Saturday, September 14, 2013

Five Men You May Fall In Love With - But Think Twice About Marrying Them

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By Adelle Waldman

1. The One Who Never Wanted to Commit—Until He Met You.
This sounds like the dream, right? The guy who proclaimed to all that he'd never settle down with anyone ever, and then ate his words when you came along? But the problem is that no matter how wowed by you he is now, the moment things become less exciting, less overwhelmingly amazing between the two of you (and the moment will come), he is likely to have second thoughts. And that will make you feel awful. Maybe you'll sense it happening, in which case you'll probably try harder, to do whatever you can to make sure things don't get less exciting. But that's a basis for a performance, not a marriage.

Savvy Showman - Dbanj Presents DKM D' Kings Men Reviewed in the New York Times

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From the New York Times Music Playlist Reviews page


D’Banj is one of the great African pop stars of the past decade, a charming singer but, more important, a savvy showman. For years, this Nigerian singer was at the center of the Mo’ Hits Records stable, but now he’s struck out on his own with a new label and the compilation “D’Banj Presents DKM (D’ King’s Men)” (DB/G.O.O.D./Sony). It’s an alluring contemporary pop album with an emphasis on king-size dance music, like the militarily efficient “Don’t Tell Me Nonsense” and the flash of last year’s excellent smash hit “Oliver Twist.” D’Banj is also a savvy synthesizer of the old and new Africa, as on “Nous les Meilleurs (We the Best),” a duet with the Congolese singer Fally Ipupa. But really, D’Banj has his eye on the world; he’s signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music imprint, and the lovely “Scape Goat (The Fix)” features what’s certainly the most cheerful version of Mr. West you’ll hear this year, or any year.

Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi - Still the Face of Africa

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Still remember when she won Face of Africa back then, and it's amazing that she's still keeping it real and keeping it going.

Dear Myne - My Boyfriend in Nigeria Wants Me to Move Back, But I Want to Remain in the US

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Dear Myne, I have a little dilemma  that i wish you throw open to your readers, but please i wish to be anonymous. I seem to be torn between two men. One of them, the first is in Nigeria while i am in the US with the second.

Vaginal Yeast Infection: Best Herbal Cure For Candida To Reduce Vaginal Itching

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About 75% of women suffer from Candida infection in different stages of their lives. The infection, caused by yeast like fungus Candida albicans is most prominent as the vaginal yeast infection affecting women of all age. Moderate to severe vaginal itching followed by creamy white discharge resembling cottage cheese is the main symptom of vaginal yeast infection.

Vacation Time - Beyonce Shares More Photos of Visiting Italy with Blue Ivy and Jay Z

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Beyonce certainly got a lot of activities packed into the few days she spent with Blue Ivy and Jay Z in Italy for her birthday last week. She also got several pictures, some quite good of their time, many of which she has shared on her Tumblr page. Enjoy some of my favorite of the photos below;

An Igbo Traditional Wedding Ceremony - Stephanie Chijioke Marries Frank Wagbara

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Upcoming actress Stephanie Chijioke got married to her husband, Frank Wagbara in a quintessential Igbo traditional wedding ceremony - where the bride goes looking for her groom with a cup of fresh palm wine. The marriage took place last month in Imo State. RML wishes the couple a happy married life!

Funny Video - Frank Donga Discusses Salary at his Job Interview

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Do you remember the visa application or job interview with Frank Donga? On this episode of the Frank Donga series, he seeks work as a project manager at a top firm and discusses salary. Are there people like this, makes one think of a need for employability training. And the actor who plays Frank needs to win an award..

Jhumpa Lahiri, NoViolet Bulawayo, and Four Others Shortlisted For the Man Booker Prize

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Top: L-R, Jhumpa Lahiri, Noviolet Bulowayo; Bottom, L-R, Eleanor Catton, Ruth Ozeki, 

Women are really marking their territory when it comes to writing fiction. Four out of the six nominees announced on Tuesday by the 2013 Man Booker Prize committee, the shortlist of finalists for its prize, were women.

Magazine Covers - Tiwa Savage on Bubbles

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She looks like a real diva, great cover!

Quote of the Day - Where You Learn Who Truly Cares

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