Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Myne - I Really Didn't Realise How Much I Loved Him Till I Broke up With Him

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Dear Myne, My name is Alicia and I'm in my early twenties (Of course, it is not my real name). There is this friend of mine that I have been in a relationship with. He is the best guy I've ever met. Through being friends, we became more than friends. He didn't exactly ask me out, but our friendship culminated into a relationship.

OJB is Stable and Responding to Treatment In Columbia Asia Hospital Bangalore

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OJB, his wife Mabel and Shaila Raveendra, an official at the Columbia Asia Hospital where OJB is receiving treatment and awaiting transplant

OJB Jezreel through the donations made to his treatment was able to travel to India for his Kidney Transplant. He is currently stable and responding well to treatment. He says to his fans and well wishers, " I thank GOD for his mercies and thank my family and friends who are praying for me and wishing me well. I do miss my family back home, greatly."

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Featured On Outlook BBC Programme

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Omotola goes first and hard for Nigeria and Nigerians in this BBC Outlook episode where she talks about how she got into acting, her marriage, and her inclusion in Time's Influential 100 list. I love how passionate she is defending Nollywood, and how generally smart and hardworking Nigerians are.

Photo Of A Woman Pointing A Gun At A Child's Head Sparks Debate on Gun Violence

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This Facebook photo showing a young girl pointing a gun at the face of a young child have sparked fresh debates on gun violence. After the Newton incident in which several small children were killed with guns, and as I prepare to be a parent myself, I have begun thinking of how to raise kids in a way that leaves them well rounded and healthy emotionally, knowing to avoid what is wrong, and the ways to treat others right. One of the topics that have come up is allowing children to play with toy guns.

Divorce Seems Imminent For Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

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RML had not reported on the news of the rocky ship of Khloe Kardashian’s marriage to Lamar Odom because we kept hoping it was all rumors, and the couple would work things out. However, if EOnline which is the official reporters of the Kardashian family speak on the issue, it makes things even clearer.

Joseph Benjamin and Monalisa Chinda in Movie Wedding Photoshoot

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It may be make-believe, the pictures are still photos from the actors' latest movie Torn, but both Monalisa and Joseph Benjamin still look super-cute in this wedding shoot. Monalisa's wedding gown is especially lovely, the ruffles on the lower part give it an extra oomph!

Daddy Time - Desmond Elliot and his Two Sons and Daughter Too

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Desmond Elliot has three children with his wife, two boys and a girl. He introduced them on his Instagram page some time ago. On this picture taken on a day out with his sons, he calls them "mii buddies". The girl, Dawna is Little Miss Elliot. Cute!

How You Can Get Over The Heartache After a Breakup

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By Sammi Robin

When your heart gets broken, there is an actual physical pain that comes along with it. I call it “the pang.” You feel empty, anxious and constantly on the verge of tears, which sometimes will actually come (usually at the most inopportune times). Even if you deal with your breakup in the best way possible by keeping busy and doing your favorite things, “the pang” stays with you as this constant reminder. It seriously sucks. Have you ever heard the song “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing” by Shania Twain? I know that feeling all too well.

Top 10 Tips For Honeymoon Travel

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By Lisa Pattrick

Everybody expects a good and memorable honeymoon after tying the knot. It’s just part of the wedding plan. It would be incomplete to plan a wedding without a honeymoon. The honeymoon should be the most memorable first night for both of you after exchanging “I do’s”. It’s best to plan it somewhere and recall it as your marriage years pass by. There are a lot of preferences in planning honeymoons, but most prefer travelling. This exciting idea allows both of you to explore other places while making memories.

Tiwa Savage on Acting on Shuga, Her Music Career and Her Wedding Plans

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Tiwa Savage announced her engagement to her manager Tee Billz a month ago [see here], and since then she has been planning the wedding, the traditional ceremony of which holds in Nigeria this November. In this interview with That1960Chick on the set of MTV Shuga, she discusses how far along she is with the plans as well as her acting role on Shuga, and her music career.

Prank Video - LG Plays Ultra Reality Prank on Job Applicants

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Job interview scenerios are turning out to be a favorite of pranksters and funny viral videos, remember Frank Donga? In this new prank, LG pranks their job job applicants with their new TV screening the end of the world by a meteor. The scene looks so real, they are scared out of their wits. Enjoy...

Quote of the Day - Mean What You Say, Then Do It

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