Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dear Myne - My Mother Doesn't Want Me To Date a Suitor Who Has Children Already

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Please I really need your advice in an issue that's bothering me. I have dated guys before including single parents but I get discouraged when am dating a guy and I know he has a child and the reason is because of my mother. She doesn't want any of her children to get married to anybody who has a child cause of her
marriage to my dad who had a daughter who gave us stress after he died.

Rita Dominic Shows Off Her Sexy Side as She Gets Ready For a Pool Party

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Actress, Rita Dominic is currently in Las Vegas after accepting her NEA award in New York. Living the Vegas life, she been to the famed Caesars Palace Hotel , and shows a rare sexy side just before going for a pool party. What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas anymore :)

Vacation Time - New Pictures of Mercy Johnson and Family in Dubai

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Mercy Johnson is currently on vacation in Dubai with her husband, Prince Odianose and baby, Purity. They look like they're having loads of fun doing the usual touristy things, visiting the Burj Al Arab, swimming, and what Naija tourists do best, shopping :)

#superdad #superhusband - Adaeze Yobo Sings Her Husband's Praises on His Birthday

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#familytime #superdad #superhusband #superhuman ;)
For his birthday, Joseph Yobo received a couple of cakes from his wife, Adaeze Yobo, one of them is the superman cake pictured above. See more pictures below and the cute and touching message she wrote for him...

#MissWorld2013 - Vote For MBGN Anna Banner For Miss World 2013 in Indonesia

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Anna Banner, the MBGN representing the country at the 2013 Miss World currently holding in Indonesia, is asking for our votes. These are some of her pictures shared on Instagram with the tags - #MissWorld #competition #Bali #Indonesia #love #me #laughter #voteontheMissWorldApp #voting #vote #beautypageant #AnnaBanner. Downoad the app if you can, and vote :)

#SaveYourVictim - Drunken Driver Makes Confession in a Youtube Video "I Killed a Man"

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A video tagged #Saveyourvictim" and "Make The Promise to Never Drink and Drive" has gone viral after it was posted on Youtube some days ago. The video shows Matthew Cordle confessing to an accident in which another man died. Cordle says he's to blame for causing the car crash after a night of heavy drinking and he's willing to take "full responsibility" for the death of the man who died in the accident.

Movie Review - Elysium

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No one knew who South African film director Neill Blomkamp was until District 9, a sci-fi action thriller, was released years ago to critical acclaim. And although Nigerians felt wounded by the gross misrepresentation of its people depicted in the film, not to mention the cheeky but brazen mockery of a certain Nigerian ruler, District 9 proved to be far from a mere popcorn flick, drawing fairly acceptable performances from its obscure cast and being nominated for four Academy Awards.  Now, fast forward to 2013, and Blomkamp brings yet another offering on the sci-fi alter, with as much special effects that characterized his previous work: a testament to his extraordinary skill as a visual filmmaker.

Quote of the Day - God Has Perfect Timing

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