Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adopted Twins Discover Each Other 24 Years After Separation

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Bao Lulin knew she was adopted. She was told that her birth mother had abandoned her when she was a baby. What she didn't know was she'd been left together with her identical twin sister, who was adopted by another family. Daily Mail tells her story of how she found her sister through several cases of mistaken identity. Sweet.

Dear Myne - I Have Just Been Abused By My Husband

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Just this morning i was abused by my husband for the very first time....i didn't see it coming and he does not have any of the signs up there. He is or was, i don't know what to think right now... am still in shock, he's a loving husband until of late, but i didn't let him get away with it. I used a pressing iron on him that's when he let me go.

How To Move Past The Rough Patches in Your Relationship

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By Sylvia Harmon

Being in a relationship can be amazing and trying at times– sometimes the switch can occur across a few weeks or as little as a few sentences. But do you feel like your relationship has been more trying recently rather than amazing?

Throwback Thursday - Serena Williams with Ronald Reagan

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Serena and Venus Williams with Ronald and Nancy Reagan

This picture was taken in 1990 when the two famous sisters, Serena and Venus were still pre-teens and long before they starting winning tournaments to become tennis champions. Serena Williams posted the picture last Thursday on Instagram and captioned it:
“Can you imagine two little girls from Compton got their picture with the president? #throwbackthursday#dreams #believe #american dream”
Dreams do come true!

The Benefits of Aloe-Vera Based Forever Living Products

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By Ifeanyi-Ukaegbu Ify,

Forever Living Products range from health drinks, nutritional supplements, skin care & beauty products, weight management products and personal care products. The company main raw material is Aloe Vera plant. All FLP products are approved by NAFDAC and they also own numerous patent for the stabilization of aloe Vera, which assures you of the highest quality aloe vera-based health products.