Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kim Kardashian's Baby Picture

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What a cute baby! This is Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner way back when. Kris shared this picture on Instagram today for throwback Thursday. Since baby North West is said to resemble Kim Kardashian, I'm guessing she looks not too different from baby Kim.

Men Experience Domestic Violence Too - Lamentations Of A Battered Husband

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By Bayo Olupohunda

I have known him for two years. He is one of those distant neighbours who had through casual interactions become a friend.  In the months that we lived together in the same neighbourhood and when we occasionally ran into one another, our conversation never went beyond the usual inquiry about the weather or the offhand question: “How is your family?”  As a casual friend and neighbour, I had observed him from a distance. He was introverted and easy-going, almost self-effacing. I knew him as someone who minded his business. He never got into trouble with anyone. That was as far as our friendship went until a year ago when I began to see him with a lady.

Dear Myne - We're Friends With Benefits But I Want More?

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Dear Myne, I am dating this guy and it’s a long distance relationship. He’s in a different state from me. Well for a couple of months, he hasn’t called or even texted me. We have been dating for ten months now and I last saw him December. When he decides to call me with night call, its only for sex chats and once he’s done he tells me it’s late that I should go to bed and he cuts the line.

10 Types of Sex That May Not Be Good For You

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By Brooke Dean

My new favorite show on ABC is called Mistresses. I know…sounds scandalous – and it is – and like most guilty pleasures, it involves sex. Lots of it. You have women who get too much of it, not enough of it or who get it from the wrong person, ie: NOT their husbands or someone else’s husband. While it may seem to some that sex is sex and getting it can never be a bad thing, there can be a such thing as the wrong kind of sex. Think you know the difference between healthy and unhealthy sex? See if you’ve ever participated in any of the following…and if it was good or bad for you.

Magazine Covers - Omotola on Fashion & Lifestyle

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I could say she's rocking her curves like I did in this post, but that'll just be repeating myself. Nice cover, and plenty gist in that magazine, it seems :)

11 Ways To Boost Self Esteem For Your Dark-Skinned Daughter

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The Oprah Winfrey Network asked two dozen African-American psychologists—student and professional members of The Association of Black Psychologists—to share their best advice for raising strong, confident girls. Below are some of their responses;

British Ambassador to Nigeria Says £3,000 Bond Is Only A Trial

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Nigeria is not happy about the British plan to force visitors from the country to provide a cash bond of £3,000 before they can enter Britain. The Nigerian foreign minister, Olugbenga Ashiru said as much when he met the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Andrew Pocock, days after the announcement.

Idris Elba To Play Nelson Mandela in Biopic

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Idris Elba fronts the posters of the upcoming movie biopic of Nelson Mandela based on the autobiography; Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. The story follows the freedom fighter's journey from childhood to his election as president of South Africa, and will be starring Idris Elba as Mandela, with fellow Brit Naomie Harris (Bond's colleague in Skyfall) as his wife Winnie Mandela.