Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Myne - My Parents Won't Accept My Older Fiance

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Hello Myne..... I'm 28 and a single parent. My son is 8yrs old. I'm in love with a much older man. We've known since 2011, he has proposed, honestly I accepted, because I care so much about him. I'm young, independent, self employed. My parents won't accept and I've had more than enough heart breaks from younger guys. Please dear Myne, he is 53 and divorced. Please advice.

The US Supreme Court Strikes Down Defense of Marriage Act

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Edie Windsor

After months of deliberation, the US Supreme Court justices have finally passed their judgement in favor of all legally married gays and lesbians in the various US states where gay marriage is legal, including here in Washington State. The decision says that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional for denying federal benefits to married gays and lesbians.

Carpe Diem - Seize The Day!

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By Gracie

Many times in life, we are always waiting on some future events, some better times or some perfect set of circumstances before we can find happiness or contentment. We always try to rush things never trying to enjoy the process or stage we are in at any point in life. Life is a process; let’s learn to take things slowly.

Persecuted For Being Gay in Nigeria

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To add a "back home" feel and face to the DOMA discussion, allow me to share the story of Bisi Alimi, a Nigerian male homosexual who currently lives in the UK after being persecuted for appearing on live TV - New Dawn with Funmi Iyanda, back in 2004. Bisi currently lives with his partner, and cannot return to Nigeria.

6 Things You Should Never Say To Your Dark-Skinned Daughter

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OWN asked two dozen African-American psychologists—student and professional members of The Association of Black Psychologists—to answer the question, "What should you never say to your dark-skinned daughter?" Below is a curated list of the answers some of them gave in response. These words should not just be avoided with children, but adults also.

OJB Jezreel Speaks About Fundraising For His Kidney Transplant

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I confess that while I was sorry for OJB Jezreel when I first read the news of needing a kidney transplant due to renal failure, I was also disappointed and irritated that he was raising funds from the public. I felt it was beneath him, and may showcase the irresponsibility of celebrities in general and Nigerian money-come-quickly people in general.

Couple Love - Keri Hilson and Serge Ibaka

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Keri Hilson has been in a sweet romance with Oklahoma City Thunder player Serge Ibaka for almost a year now. Keri and Serge are not shy being in public together, and appear to be very happy with each other in the pictures that come up of them. Serge Ibaka is African - born in Congo - and Keri is down with his culture, to the extent of making fufu for them to eat :)

Magazine Covers - Chidinma Ekile on Complete Fashion

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Chidinma Ekile, who arrived in the spotlight via the Project Fame TV Show route, went on to win the Best Female Act for West Africa for her single 'Kedike' at last year's KORA Awards. Since then, she continues to shine brightly. Lovely cover.