Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Did John Kumuyi's Wedding to Love Odih Take Place in the Deeper Life Church?

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A comment from another member of the Deeper Life Bible Church to the friend who attended the wedding and wrote a defense of Love Odih [HERE] got me thinking if people may be blaming this couple unnecessarily. As much as I searched however, I could not find a venue for the wedding. If it turns out that John Kumuyi and Love Odih are no more deeper life members, and did not wed in the Deeper Life Church, dos that make everything OK? Read on for the rebuttal.

DBanj and Friends at the DKM Concert in Lagos (PHOTOS)

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Dbanj was the headline act at his latest D'KingsMen -DKM Concert in Lagos last weekend. He was joined on stage by American rapper 2Chainz and reality TV actress Kenya Moore. There was also a great turnout of his friends and colleagues in the music and entertainment industry.

Star Wars Creator, George Lucas Marries Mellody Hobson

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Gorge Lucas is best known for the Star Wars franchise, which premiered in the seventies but is still as wildly popular today. Last year, he sold the production company behind the movie series for $4.05 billion. George Lucas got married for the second time to his long time girlfriend and fiance, Mellody Hobson, this past weekend.

One Man Writes An Open Letter To Women From Men

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Dear Women,

First of all, we're sorry. We're sorry that although we look like men, we often act like boys. We're not even sure what it means to be men anymore. As we grow up, we learn that to be happy is to be self-indulgent and self-centered. We try to make enough money so that we can have the right TV with the right video games in the right home. We want to date you and maybe even marry you but we are scared to focus on someone else instead of ourselves. Isn't it sad that we see committing to you as a potential threat to our happiness instead of a wonderful opportunity?

Looking Slimmer With Color Block and Illusion Dresses

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I love retail therapy sometimes, but I'm not a big fan of shopping when it comes to dresses, because I lack the patience to sift through a gazillion clothes looking for just the ones that I'll like or that'll suit me. I usually go to petites and my size and pick any or all that catch my fancy or which fit within my budget. It's a hit and miss affair, but if I'm not OK with the results, I return it to the shop post haste. Most times, I do get what I find wearable.

Dear Myne - I am Jealous of My Husband's Ex-Girlfriend

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Hello Myne, I'll be glad if you can put this on romance meets life, I want to know if I'm alone on this. I've been married going on a year and only recently found out three weeks ago to be precise, that one of our mutual friends used to date my husband.

DIY Cooking - Moi-Moi in a Plastic Drinking Cup

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I usually cook moi-moi with aluminuim foil paper but the last time I wanted to cook moi-moi, I realized we had run out and hadn't restocked. I had already put my beans flour into water and most of the other ingredients I needed to cook moi-moi were around me. Most importantly, I really wanted to eat moi-moi that day, not the next day or a week later after we had gone shopping.

Answering Your Questions About Sex Toys

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By Funmi Akingbade

A sex toy or adult toy is an object or device that is primarily used to facilitate human sexual pleasure, such as a dildo or vibrator, rings etc. Many popular sex toys are designed to resemble human genitals and are vibrating or non-vibrating, colourful or just natural and intended to stimulate the body. They come in a range of shapes, sizes, for internal or external use. Sex toys seem to be everywhere these days. But the question is: are they advisable and healthy?