Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kim Kardashian - 8 Months Pregnant and Looking Good in a Bikini

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Kim Kardashian had her baby last Saturday and these pictures were taken just a few days before. Her and Kanye West's baby daughter arrived 5 weeks ahead of the July 11 expected date announced on the Kardashians family reality TV show. She does look glowing in these pictures if just a bit tired as one would expect of a pregnant lady.

Couple Love - Nse Ikpe Etim and Clifford Sule

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They got married in February [see pictures] and celebrated their traditional wedding a couple of months ago [post], and since then Nse Ikpe has been an extremely happy woman as shown in this picture she posted on Instagram to honor her husband on Father's Day. Clifford Sule has a son [post] from an earlier relationship. See more pictures below.

Dear Myne - My Husband is Controlling and Talks Down to Me

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I have been married for about 4yrs. I really did’nt know him very well before we got married. I knew him from church as a good guy. He is a very good christain and prayerful. The problem is he complains about everything I do, I am expecting our 2nd baby even when I was pregnant with our 1st child I told him I don’t want him to be in the hospital with me because he never has anything good to say to me only finding faults.

Soft Nigerian Beans - Eat With Fried Plantain

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I posted a picture of this beans and plantain in Instagram as one of the best dinners I've ever had. It was that good. Atala cooked the beans, I made the plantain, but as you can guess, the beans was the best part of the meal. I had to pry that secret recipe from Atala.

Short Story - No Other Woman

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Ironically, James only went to the party because his wife had insisted that he honour Tony’s invitation. Tony was celebrating his latest promotion at work.  So he’d gone. And joked around with Tony and the guys. And had a couple of beers.

Running A Sex Accessory Shop in Nigeria

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I get quite a number of requests for the website mentioned in this post about a sex toy shop in Nigeria. Luckily the owner of that shop sent in a comment to the post with more details about how the business is run. They now run sex therapy and counselling sessions for the couples and ladies that need or ask for it, as well as training with buyers :)

The Foundation of any Relationship

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So according to the GraphJam chart, all relationships share more of the things they hate in common that what the couple both like. It is funny, but true in a sense too. Agree or disagree?

Serena Williams Apologizes For Insensitive Comments About Rape Victim

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Serena Williams has issued a full apology for saying that the 16 year-old victim of a gang-rape in Stuebenville last year was "lucky" and "shouldn't have put herself in that position". Serena's comments provoked a furious backlash on social media and from women's rights activists. In her apology, Serena Williams said;