Saturday, June 8, 2013

Swedish Princess Weds New York Banker

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It is not often that those born into royal families marry ordinary people, but Prince William and Kate seem to have opened the door to more of such couplings. Swedish princess, Madeline, met her husband, banker Christopher O'Neill, on his home turf in New York but their wedding took place in her country in a mixed language ceremony.

Worst Breakup Lines You've Ever Heard

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Toke Makinwa has a new vlog out and this time it's all about how people break up with each other, from songs to religious quotes and prophetic dreams and so on. What is the worst break-up line, YOU have heard, either to you or to someone else?

Magazine Covers - Tiwa Savage on Guardian Life

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Tiwa Savage has a new album coming out so I expect she'll be doing a lot of promo. This is a lovely cover, but with that hint of spice with the unbuttoned jacket :)

Jupiter Strong and The Lunch Lion - A Book For Children

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Many African parents at home or in the diaspora, are often on the lookout for new books and other material they can use to teach their children good values and which features characters that look like them. The duo of Frank Edwards and Kelly Abel have come up with an idea for a series of books which I think is brilliant! And the fact that the artwork is so fresh and colorful will make it a double hit for children and parents, I personally love it. The first book in the series is “Jupiter Strong and The Lunch Lion”