Monday, June 3, 2013

Tiwa Savage - Olorun Mi [For the Ones Loved and Lost]

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A very touching video and song by Tiwa Saveage to commemorate loved ones we have lost to death. She includes clips of the Dana air crash victims as well as Goldie, Christie Essien Igbokwe, Justice Esiri, the Aluu4, among others. So many wars, hunger, diseases, natural disasters and the senseless murders and killings in between. May God rest the souls of those taken.

Kim Kardashian is Really Having a Girl

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When Kim Kardashian first shared pictures of her baby bump [see post], I used old wives tales to predict she was having a girl. Some agreed and some disagreed. I wasn't serious myself to be honest. But it seems I have to give those old wives more credit. It's really a girl for Kim Kardashian.

PS - +Rayo Abe  when do you want me to predict yours? LOL...

Dear Myne - Has My Boyfriend Been Pretending All Along?

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Hi Myne, Pls kindly share this on your blog. I need people's opinion. Thank you. I have this problem and its really killing me right inside and I really can't stop thinking about it.

I have been dating this guy for 8 months but I recently broke up with him because I think its the right thing to do. Reason is because he never calls to check how I am doing and when I said never I mean NEVER. I am always the one calling and texting him.

Giving Wedding Gifts That Will Stand Out

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By Fikayo Giwa

Gone are the days, when guests turn up to weddings with toasters and china to present to newlyweds as their wedding gifts. With the advent of cohabiting, couples tend to have already furnished their homes and so don’t require the traditional starter home gifts. These days, it is more common for invites to say “we request monetary gifts”, “contributions towards a store gift list” “vouchers” or more simply “your presence is enough of a gift”. We have come up with interesting and creative gift ideas, big and small for the less traditional couple

A Woman Offering To Split the Bill on First Dates

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You know the scenario well: The check comes. No one moves. You look at each other. You smile. The check sits there. This, my friends, is what we call a little game of “pick-up check.”

The question is: Should a woman offer to split the bill on the first date?

Watch Married But Living Single Online

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MAIN PLOT - Mike an entrepreneur is happily married to Kate who is the creative director of an advertising agency, she is so much engrossed with her carrer and winning the biggest brands for her company. Mike is diagnosed with cancer of the lungs in consequence of the smoking habit he had in his school days, he needs to go to India for surgery and the Doctor advised that his wife should take a leave and come with him to hasten the recuperating process, Kate agrees to go with her husband.