Saturday, June 1, 2013

10 Major Parenting Mistakes To Avoid

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By Tara Kennedy-Kline

We hear it over and over again; every book, article and TV show confirms it: parenting is the hardest job on the planet. But is it really? Is raising a happy, healthy, well-behaved child truly more difficult than rocket science? Should it truly require a Ph.D or are we—as parents—looking to get off the hook for being judged for our mistakes? Here's a list of top 10 parenting mistakes and how to prevent them.

Baby Oku or Pregnant Mercy Johnson in America

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Before now, I had not seen Mercy Johnson in a purely comedic role, the closest was in Fighter or Royal Fight or something like that, maybe part 1 and 2 of the same movie. However, this movie trailer is hilarious, though it makes the movie look tbh, more like several interconnected skits. It also reminds me of Osuofia in London, one of the few Nollywood comedies I enjoyed.

Victoria Kimani - Oya ft. Mi [Music Meets Romance]

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Victoria Kimani is a sole female artiste from Kenya and the only woman on the Chocolate City label. This song is basically R&B, and imo, nothing overly fantastic about the singing or the lyrics. I like the lines by MI though, he raps really well and quite down to earth here.