Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pictures From JMartins and Nnezi's Wedding Ceremony

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J Martins - real names Martins Okey Justice - solemnized his marriage to fiance, Nnezi Diane, yesterday in Lagos. The couple had their traditional wedding back in January of last year. See pictures from both ceremonies below. I found her outfit choices for the wedding after party quite non-traditional, a sequinned mini, and a black gown. Very adventurous, but looked great on her. Happy married life to them.

Throwback Thursday - A More Rounded Me

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I almost forgot but thank to the person who reminded me. I read somewhere that you don't say chubby or fat any more, it's round and rounder now. So this was my roundest back in my twenties.

How Weight Loss May Affect Your Relationship

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I first noticed the effect intentional weight loss could have on couples in one episode of the Extreme Makeover - Weight Loss Edition, one of my favorite summer TV shows. Some of the people featured are married or in relationships and in most cases, their partners are very supportive, often times, joining them while at home and losing some weight themselves.

Not A Groupie - A Sweet Short Story

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I was just standing there on the side lines waiting for the actual doors to open up for this so called concert Bisola dragged me to. I was never into Nigerian music too much, just the occasional popular ones that I’d randomly see tweets about. Every now and then, I get curious enough to google the current slangs and it almost always ends up being from a Nigerian song.

Watch 30 Days with Genevieve Nnaji Online

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This movie was made in 2006 and I first saw the previews in 2007 and wanted to see it. It was finally released earlier this year. I hear the Film Censors Board in Nigeria are not very happy with the story and how it seems the movie makers were promoting terrorism or revolution in the movie. Well, thank God for the internet because they can now put the video online and anyone can see. I intend seeing it over this weekend, and you can watch it right here for $4.99. I think it's worth it.

Couple Love - Joseph Yobo and Adaeze Igwe

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Adaeze Igwe was the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria for 2008 and met Joseph Yobo, captain of the National football team, a year later. The got married the same year and had their baby the next. Married for over three years now, they are still going strong. Wishing them more years of love and happiness.

Date Night Movie Review - 42

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42 is about how Jackie Robinson gets to play for the New York Dodgers, thus becoming the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball in sixty years. But as they say, it's often more about the "how" than the "what", and so it proved to be in this case. The film showed the opposition faced by Robinson by baseball players, coaches and fans as he moved from playing from the minor to major leagues.