Saturday, May 25, 2013

For Men - How To Bring the Sexy Into Your Marriage

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This post was written in response to the guy whose wife is shy and reserved in the bedroom [see post], and a more specific version was sent back to him in reply. He enjoyed the comments on the previous post and wishes, like some others who commented on the post, that RML had more general posts on the issue of happy sex in marriage.

Would you date a guy who does not speak ‘good’ English?

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Most women dream of one day meeting a man they can fall in love with and who will love them back. In the dream, they end up married, he is the father of her children, and they spend the rest of their lives together.
In these dreams, the man is usually handsome with a good physique, well dressed, rich, educated, romantic and well mannered. But does this man also have to speak impeccable English?

A Typical Nigerian Woman on Divorce - Never!

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The question is when should a woman divorce her husband? According to most of the respondents, both married and unmarried, in the video, the possibility of divorce is a big fat never! Was anyone really surprised? But I don't want to overlook about 2 or 3 of the women who accepted divorce as an option to move on from an unhealthy marriage where they've found themselves victims of abusive or philandering husbands.

Date Idea - Taruwa Festival of Performing Arts

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This June, in addition to its monthly gatherings, Taruwa introduces a festival, Taruwa Festival of Performing Arts in Nigeria designed as a 3day cocktail of rich events. TAF is an annual event kicking off this year on Thursday June 6 and ending on Saturday, June 8, 2013, to paint Lagos all shades of art through music, poetry, theatre, dance, fashion and screening of short films, all holding at TerraKulture, Victoria Island, Lagos