Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playing Hard to Get or Being Hard to Get?

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In the past, people used to seek mates who would “complete” them, but today’s singles are looking for something different. According to the study findings, singles are looking for a partner who can offer intimacy, companionship and personal fulfillment more so than financial stability.

What's That Look On Your Face?

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By Atala,

The human face is capable of an amazing variety of expressions; smiles of joy; frowns of anger; grimaces of disgust and raised eyebrows of surprise. And just as a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is that these expressions do a wonderful job of communicating how we feel, sometimes more than anything that we could ever say.

Lana Del Ray - Young and Beautiful (The Great Gatsby Version)

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It is not often that I see a movie that moves me as deeply as The Great Gatsby. It is not a tear jerker by any means but if one is minded it could be a weepie. After you've left the cinema. There is a depth beyond the glitz and glamor of the movie. It was that depth I think Baz Luhrmann wanted us to plumb in his version of the doomed love story contained in The Great Gatsby. That man is a genius. I simply love his mind.

And Lana Del Rey, who I don't think I've heard of before now nailed it in the lyrics, music and performance of Young and Beautiful.

Inspirational Quote - It's Your Road

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