Saturday, May 18, 2013

Get the Romance Back in your Marriage

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By Mimi Adebayo

Okay men, have you ever thought of doing something that’ll make your spouse blush for the next seven days? You know, give her that special feeling and make her remember the days when you first met. I call it the ‘Once in a lifetime’ treatment. Trust me; it’ll improve your love life and definitely the bedroom life too.

Real Life Matchmaking

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He is a new reader who likes what he reads on the blog and likes what he sees here. He found one of the posts about people searching for Igbo guys and he's representing. Send me an email if you'll like to be connected. He's on Facebook and is willing to be honest and open. He says;

Magazine Covers I'm Liking - Kerry Washington On Elle

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Great cover for Elle, beautiful lady. Kerry Washington is certainly on the up and UP. She's doing an amazing job on Scandal, and she can only get better. Looking forward to seeing her in Peeples soon.