Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adventures of a Miss!! Episode 11

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I might as well tell him now, I mean since we are both on this honesty road it might make things a little easier. Will the fact that Bolaji slept with Zainab aver 8 years ago matter when comparing it to the fact that just a couple of months ago I was still out with Muhammad?

At the time, I didn’t think Bolaji was taking me serious though, I thought I was just the poor girl he was dating that he knew he could impress easily till he found daddy’s business partner daughter to marry. I am so confused, I don’t want to lose Bolaji, and it’s not because of the money. In the past, I had to keep my emotions bagged up because I thought he would eventually dump me but I realized once I let all my feelings for him manifest, it was the most amazing thing.

Me: “I have something to tell you but like you said you have to listen and not try to fight me as well. So a couple of months ago…”

Who the hell is knocking at the door at this time and interrupting a conversation that took all of the liver in me to bring up? Bolaji gets up and walks past me to see who is at the door but I couldn’t hear who it was since I was in the kitchen. I walk closer to where I could see without been noticed after I heard shouting and surprisingly it is Muhammad.

A Breast Cancer Survivor Speaks out about her Experience

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‘Layo Olowu is a breast cancer survivor and in this video, she speaks with Kemi Obisesan of Shout Series TV. She takes the listeners through her experience of finding out she had cancer, telling her loved ones, choosing a treatment plan and how her faith saw her through the whole journey. Quite inspirational. For those who cannot watch the video, below is the first post on her surviving cancer blog;

I got to understand that God dishes out to you more than one gift  some quite so visible and others not so visible however they are revealed as you go along in life. My first love is for fashion and makeup.  I am so passionate about beauty and get excited when I get the opportunity to display my makeup artistry skills as well as coming up with a unique design that is later transformed into an outfit. Designers  and makeup artist often collaborate both as it comes with the territory.  I am also passionate about writing and see my skills as a medium to encourage people. I feel particularly drawn towards women because life as a woman can be quite challenging that often you feel as thou the entire world wants a piece of you. However in the midst of it all God brings out the best in you through your situations.

Throwback Thursday - Baby Face

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Friends called me baby face at this point in my life, and I must have been like 20 or so. That period must be my lowest weight as an adult, I was under 55kg. I was in third year in Uni, and looked like I should still be in secondary school. What I want to know is how do I get back to that weight? And that face too, lol..

Vacation Time - Van Vicker and Family in Paris

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Sometimes you just need to take a break, and that is what Van Vicker and his wife did, and they took the children along too. Check out more pictures below, and see pictures of other celebrities here.