Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Renew Vows in Disneyland

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon usually renew their wedding vows on each of their anniversaries - last year they renewed their vows in Paris at the Eiffel Tower [see post] - and this year is no different. That is, they did renew their vows, but this time it was a family affair with their twins, and they set it in Disneyland.

High School Students Hold Integrated Prom in Georgia

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Race in America is still a touchy subject even in 2013 with the President being black and having won his second term just months ago. Dating across race lines is even touchier. While no one should be coerced into dating outside their race if they don't want to, there are those who do, and yet feel walled in by decades of racism and segregation.

Students of Wilcox County in Georgia bucked against the trend last weekend when they pulled off an integrated prom. For as long as anyone can remember, according to CNN, "Wilcox County High School hasn't sponsored a prom for its 400 students. Instead, parents and their children organize their own private, off-site parties, known casually as white prom and black prom -- a vestige of racial segregation that still lives on. Mareshia and her friends bucked 40 years of local customs this month by organizing their own integrated prom, a formal dance open to Wilcox County's white, black, Latino and Asian high school students."

Why I Hate School But Love Education

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Can I say that I do not completely agree with the message of this video. While the lines about mixed messages coming from authority is right on point, and while education and exams may need to be reformed and students given more room to explore their individuality, calling schools obsolete at this stage may be taking things too far. Some parts of the spoken word;

This one is for my generation. The ones who found what they were looking for on Google. The ones who followed their dreams on twitter. The ones who pictured their future on Instagram. Accepted their destiny on Facebook...

Someone said, "Give anything a rhythm and say it to solemn music and you'll sound powerful." And that is true a lot about spoken word performed. It's hard to know whether you simply like the performance or it's the message that touches you. The message in the quote above sounds very juvenile, but I shouldn't be surprised, the speaker is a young man.

How Much Do You Tell Before Marriage?

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Before and after plastic surgery

Who remembers this picture of a Chinese woman who supposedly was sued by her husband for deceiveing him into marrying a post-cosmetic surgery beauty, without letting him know she was not so good looking in the real sense. How did he find out? They had a not so pretty baby that looked like none of them. The story goes on to say he got several millions in damages. True or false, it made me think of what we keep to ourselves when about to get married, and what to share. Some things that come to mind include;

1. Sexual History - Some will ask, what's your number? As girls I hear it should never be more than 1, OK maybe 3. Say you're a secondary virgin, old things have passed away and refuse to give a number, it's a lady's prerogative not to kiss and tell. If push comes to shove, claim virgin and use alum.

2. Previous Cosmetic Surgery - Like the lady in the picture, if you have changed drastically in mostly irreversible ways, it would be nice to let the other person know. This also includes massive weight loss, breast and butt implants, etc.

3. Medical History including STIs, Genotype, Chronic or Genetic diseases. This is more serious, and even more important. If you guys end up together, your life and that of your children could depend on whether you have shared such crucial information.

May - Happy New Month

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Another month ended and another starts. Congrats to all those who started and completed their A - Z Challenge. May is worker's month, most countries have their worker's day in May. I really hope the new month brings great good things for everyone.

Tips for a Healthy Marriage - Sex

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I'm not the most comfortable dishing advice on relationships, because I'm still learning myself day by day, but I just feel ike I should share some of these lessons that I'm on the course for too. I want a healthy and happy marriage, and each day I work towards it. I read, I dream, I imagine, and I put some in practice. Over the coming week, I'll be sharing some of these with you.

Number one on the list is sex, and not just sex, but regular satisfying sex. The kind of adjectives that should come to mind, or used to describe one's sex life should be words like often, every day, every other day, or at least once a week. When you begin to hear, or think about words like once a month, seldom, or rarely, there is trouble in the land. When never enters the conversation, that is the death knell for a supposedly romantic relationship.