Sunday, April 7, 2013

Brunch in Honor of Cancer Victims, Survivors and Family

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This is a call to African women in the DMV area who have survived cancer or are currently diagnosed or know someone who had or died from cancer in their immediate family. The African Women Cancer Awareness Association is organizing brunch later this month, and it is being dedicated to honor people in this category.

The event is free but you need to register so they know how many people to prepare for. Please call 301-565-0420 OR email to register. Also, feel free to share this with anyone you know who has survived, going through chemo or family members that lost someone to cancer.

Ekiti State Releases Official Tribute For Deputy Governor Funmilayo Olayinka

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My dear good people of Ekiti State,

With grief in my heart, I address you today on the passage of our Deputy Governor, Mrs Funmilayo Adunni Olayinka. In the evening of yesterday, April 6, 2013, the death of Mrs Olayinka occurred after a long but spirited battle with cancer. This was duly communicated to the public immediately her death was confirmed in a statement from the Government of Ekiti State.

This is indeed a trying period in the life of our dear state. We have been aware of the health challenges of our Deputy Governor which culminated in the government issuing a statement a month ago when she commenced a sick leave during which we requested that you remember her in your prayers. In the course of her ailment, she battled gallantly and availed herself of the best medical services within and outside Nigeria.

In all of these challenges, I was of the belief that because of her courage and determination to live, she would pull through her health challenges. But man proposes and God disposes. She lost the battle.

Inspiring Words As You Start A New Week

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Hope your weekend has been going great? These few words are to make the Sunday even better.

Dear Myne - Should I Go After Him or Give it Time?

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Hi Myne, I really love your blog (and both your novels), it feeds my romantic soul! I struggled with sending this email but I'm losing my mind so I hope your readers can help me. I apologise if you have addressed a similar issue previously but I couldn't find anything so here it goes....

I met a great guy some years ago now. It was like fate because he was in a different country but his friend met me and instantly thought we'd click. He was right, we did. We talked on the phone for about 3 months and then work took me to his location so we met in person. He had visa issues so he couldn't come to me in case you wondered. Before I went, we had great communication and we talked every day and for several hours on the weekend. He told me a lot of things, some that were very sensitive (visa situation e.g.) and he also opened up about his family etc.

I knew I was developing feelings for him but I forced myself to wait till I met him in person before I truly let go in case I wasn't physically attracted to him (seen him on skype but still needed to see him in the flesh) but the minute I laid eyes on him my heart leapt out of my body and right into his hands. Sadly, he didn't return the favour and whilst we spent all my free time together, he would just stare at me and say he liked me but he needed to process what to do with the relationship.

This led to a lot of frustration on my part (after all, I'd given our children names in my head) so the idea of "let's take it one day at a time" was the last thing I wanted to hear. We kissed but never went further but he bought me flowers and took me to lunches and dinners. I met all his friends and attended church with him. I left frustrated that he hadn't committed but glad I had a good time.

Apart From Praying For a Husband, What Else?

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Timi Robins sent in this response to the poster who wrote in about being tired of praying for a husband. See original post and comments here. She goes;

I have been praying for so long...about 5 years now and it seems God chooses the people he wants to answer. I'm beginning to hate having to put up a smile when we have family meetings..(That's every sunday). Having to makeup and do the wedding secor for my younger friends...going to my friend's children's parties no longer funny. Not because I'm not happy for them, just like "God when will u answer me" kinda feeling. I really don't know what to pray about anymore. I'm tired in my spirit.

I want to ask this poster so many questions. Okay aside from praying, what else have you been doing to find this man you seek? Where have you been looking? Only inside the church or outside? Why? How are you been looking? What men qualify? All men? Or only men from a certain ethnic group? If yes, why? Why leave the finding of a man to prayers only / mainly?