Friday, March 29, 2013

This Story Makes Me Think I May Adopt From Nigeria

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Olusola Stevens and his wife, Chinwe are workers in the the Christian Missionary Foundation (CMF). He has been in missionary work for 22 years and most of it has been rescuing infants and babies who are victims of the practice in most of the indigenous villages around Abuja of the killing of infants or burying some alive when their mothers die.

Their story was in the Sunnewsonline and it is making me seriously think whether to adopt from here or Nigeria. Obviously, there are children here who also need parents and permanent homes, but this level of abuse of children, it is killing me. Stevens and his wife have 33, but some are still lost, and the same things may be happening all over the country. I am so proud of Nigerians like the Stevens and the work they do. To me this is real missionary work, and I want to be part of it.

Stevens recalled to Abuja Metro the challenges of taking care of the rescued children but remains happy that: “God has never failed. Though there could be delays but He will surely come through and this we can testify to in our case.”

The Christian Missionary Foundation (CMF) is a non-denominational body with task of evangelising the interior and remote societies. That is the gospel that touches human lives.

“We just don’t preach the gospel. In some of the places we have been to, we have established schools, especially in the North East. We also have medical outreach centres. Basically, we don’t stay in city; we go to the interior to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to people.”

Letter To My Future Wife by Noble Igwe

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After following the trending #dearfuturewife yesterday, I wanted to know what started it, and I found that this letter written by Noble Igwe on 360Nobs in 2011 had recently started making the rounds again. Who knows if Noble is married now, this is a sweet and beautiful letter.

Dear Future Wife,

I don’t know what you look like, if you are out here or reading this right now! If you are, please print this letter and bring it to our wedding reception. It will make a good read before our guests. They say behind every successful man is a woman. I’ll like to say that behind every successful man is a good woman because I’ve seen men that have shut down their businesses because they got involved with the wrong woman.

I want to be successful and I need to find you right now more than ever. You may not know how much I need you but I come home every night with stories that I would love to share with someone special. I come home late from clubs sometimes wishing you’d be in bed waiting for me to hug your warm body. Your slot in my life is so empty it hurts because I know you are out there without me.

I’ve often imagined how you look. Are you dark or fair in complexion? Are you Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa? I play around with different images in my head but one thing stands out, I know you are very curvy.

Dear Myne - He Almost Raped Me, Should I Report Him?

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Dear Myne, I am such a dilema and very hurt. I am in my mid 20s and work as a researcher somewhere in Europe and was presenting at a conference this week. The lodging was in a flat with 2 guys ( the venue was a resort), I had my own room and so did the guys.

However, after a trip to the city, one of the guys (non-Nigerian) had to do something in the city, leaving me with this other guy. I didnt think anything was amiss, we gisted, chatted and I told him I want to take a nap, so as to wake up to do some work.

Somewhere in the night, I felt a movement around me and I saw this guy naked! I started screaming and he was asking that I stopped. I was so terrified. In my shock, I went into the patio and found a place to sleep. Called my boyfriend in the UK, and he was very angry and he asked me to walk the guy out of the apartment ( I could because, he was staying an extra night, based on his travel schedule. I made arrangement with my other colleague as a means of helping a brother from home).

Homeless Man Who Returned Ring, Reunited With His Family

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Who remembers that story last February about a homeless man that returned a lost engagement ring left in his donation cup? If not, read here. Harris, who had been homeless for years before then, now has a home, a job, and last Sunday, he reunited with the family he had not spoken with for 16 years.

Four of his siblings surprised him on the set of the Today show, after his younger sister Robin saw a story about Harris and his good deed online. The lady whose ring Harris returned was so impressed by his honesty that they set up a website to take donations for him, hoping to raise the $4,000 the worth of the ring. That fund raised $185,000!

Talk about how it pays to be good and do good. I hope things continue to work out for him.

Official Video For Waje's I Wish

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The part of this video I liked the best was where she was playing piano in a room lighted by chandeliers of hurricane lanterns. And Waje sings very well too.

Natural Hair in Dreadlocks Becomes Target For Thieves

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Dreads are one option I've been considering for my natural hair, so this news gave me the shivers. In economics, it is said demand must match supply, otherwise a black market flourishes. When it comes to using natural African hair as extensions, this is coming true in a very nasty way. In south Africa, men who seem to have longer dreadlocks are being attacked on the streets, and their hair cut with a knife, a broken bottle, or whatever.

Jack Maseko was a victim recently, three men attacked him and took his mobile phone and the dreadlocks he had been growing for three years. Mutsa Madonko had been growing his for 10 years before his hair was shaved off outside a Johannesburg night club also. According to the BBC;

Shoulder-length dreadlocks are sold for between 200 rand ($23; £15) and 700 rand, while longer ones cost as much as 2,000 rand.

So what happens to the stolen hair?