Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kano Bus Station Bomb Blast: Death Toll Rises

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When I saw the news of the Kano bomb blast yesterday on some blogs, I didn't want to read it, it was beginning to look like bomb blasts were a daily affair in Nigeria. And it's just too depressing to see all the bloody pictures that come with such news. But I've not been able to escape it today as it made international news and the death toll has continued to rise, some are saying up to 50 or more.

I guess we should never become numb to these incidents, maybe that is what the terrorists want. I honestly don't know what future Nigeria as a country has with bombs raining mass death almost on a weekly basis, especially when it appears, like in this case, that there is an ethnic bias to the killings.

Supposedly the government through JTF and even with amnesty and peace talks are on it, but the results are definitely not people have been hoping for. I will sound selfish if I say that my biggest fear is that it gets down south, or that it affect my friends and family, but that is the truth. But whether in the north or south, I wish this mindless violence would stop. And it's not like the south is totally trouble free, kidnappings are on the increase, and some end in the victim's death.

May the souls of those lost in all the violence rest in peace.

Abuja Men's Club Where Cheaters Pay 100K Fine

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I lived in Abuja for several years as a single, working class lady, and I can tell you categorically [no oga at the top can say otherwise, hehehe..] that up to 7 out of 10 men that asked me out were married. There is also the other side of the coin that some single ladies in Abuja, knowing that the married men may be living separate lives from their wives, went all out to hook the men and make second homes with them in Abuja. Well, a men's club has risen to the task to help these philandering men keep to one woman. If you are reported and proved to have cheated on your wife, you pay a N100K fine to the club. The Sun Nigeria reports...

The Aso Country Club is out to re-invent stronger and more peaceful family ties among the members, therefore it has defined punishment for adulterers. But you may ask how they arrive at conviction for any accused before the one should be found guilty as to pay the fine?

They agree that adultery is a big menace to marriages, therefore, a way to take away the threat to family is by clamping down on guilty members with the N100,000 fine. It might surprise you that majority of the members of the club are middle-aged men and even men with very young families.

But they are resolute on waging a fierce war against the biggest threat to marriages, launching in a commando fashion, an operation to restore sanity and family ideals.

10 Ways to Know You're Bargaining for Love by Z.R. Moore

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For some of us, finding love isn’t as easy as walking out your front door. Some people have to work a little harder than others for it. Is that because they’re less deserving, or is it because their love radar is a little off. Whatever the reason people do strange, and futile things to get the love they desire. One such thing is bargaining with the significant other for a relationship. Here are some ways to determine if you’re bargaining for love.

What is bargaining a for love?

Bargaining for love can be considered the same thing as compromising. However, the difference between regular compromising and bargaining is this. A compromise usually results in a win-win for both parties involved in the situation. Bargaining typically is more lopsided. You give only to get very little in return. You’re simply selling yourself out, and selling yourself short just to have a relationship with someone. Here are some examples of bargaining for love.

1. You know that he/she doesn’t really want to be with you so you make yourself completely available to their every beckon call hoping that they’ll throw you a morsel of affection your way.

MI Abaga Releases New Single Chairman on G+ Hangout

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MI Abaga, one of the foremost rappers in the Nigerian music scene, accompanied the global premiere of his highly anticipated new single Chairman using Google + Hangout. The premiere was streamed live across all portals online, social networks and via Radio and TV. Joined by Agbani Darego, from New. York, Ice Prince, Waje, Freeze and Kore Brown, MI interacted with loyal fans in the comments area of his hangout. You can download the music at the link, and watch the Hangout videos below.

Download Chairman

Dear Myne - I Find it Difficult to Leave my Abusive Boyfriend

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I'm currently in an abusive relationship and the sad thing is I find it difficult to break out. He's someone I have come to love. He's my future.

We have been dating for close to 4 years now and there's no month that passes by without him abusing me. He fits into huntley's definition of a bad guy. Just recently, I caught him red handed having sex with my cousin but still, I love him. I know many of you would rain insults on me for being foolishly in love with a guy who treats me anyhow but the truth is is we've both come a long way and each time I feel like breaking up with him I just find myself not being able to.

He is the one who deflowered me and letting go of him would only cause more pain. I'm confused as to what to do. Something tells me if I break up with him I will never be able to love another guy. Please I need your advise. I'm a lady who's hurting. I feel less than a woman because of this guy.

PS - This came in under bad boys and those who love them. I think we can all agree she should leave, great comments will be those that present practical steps that will help her make the decision. And yeah, no raining insults either.

Polyandry - One Woman and More Than One Man

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Polygamy is often used when one man marries more than one wife, but the correct term is polygyny.  Polygamy is actually an umbrella for the two words - Polyandry and Polygyny - that involves multiple partner in marriage. Polyandry in contrast to polygyny is where a woman takes two or more husbands at the same time. Most broadly, polyandry refers to sexual relations with multiple males, within or without marriage.

And it is alive and well, and not just in India where it is the culture in some parts of the country, including where the young woman in the picture above lives with her five husbands, as shown in an article by the Sun.

Jacoby Jones and Bachelor Sean Lowe on DWTS

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Dancing with the Stars started tonight, and already the competition is heating up. First of all, who is that Jacoby Jones! The guy has got the moves! Maybe his dance steps are not necessarily ballroom, but he was on fire, lol...

OK, I just found that Jacoby Jones is a pro footballer. Tonight, he and dancing partner Karina Smirnoff danced a Cha Cha Cha. Supposedly, Jacoby knew nothing about ballroom dancing before getting on the show, and then he and his partner couldn't start rehearsals until two weeks after the other teams so Jones could recover from knee surgery. I was thinking he would be limping, but the guy nailed it. He's definitely one to watch.

The other male dancer who had a better than average performance is Sean Lowe. During his intro, they showed some magazine covers of his run on the last season on the Bachelor, one got me laughing, they called him the Virgin Bachelor. For those who don't know, Sean is a Christian and though he just got engaged off the Bachelor show, he and his fiance are on the no-sex until the wedding night team. He is on DWTS to learn great dance moves for their wedding reception, and for later that night too, if you get what I mean. All the best to them :)

BTW, the ladies on DWTS are far ahead of the men, I have my favorites already. Who else is watching?