Friday, March 8, 2013

Adenike Ogunlesi Ruff'n'Tumble - Motivational Woman #8

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"Adenike Ogunlesi is the founder of Ruff 'n' Tumble, a childrens clothing line in Nigeria. From a tiny shop with her and her mother as the main staff, Adenike turned Ruff 'n' Tumble into an instantly recognizable International brand. She has built a reputation for being one of the best manufacturers of children's clothing in Nigeria. For more than a decade now, Adenike Ogunlesi’s Ruff 'n' Tumble has earned accolades, both at home and abroad, with her exciting and hip apparels in the children clothing business.

In her second year as an undergraduate law student at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Adenike opted out of school unsure of what to do with her life. She reluctantly accepted her mother's invitation to work in her womens tailor shop. That experience helped her to discover who she was and what she wanted to do. Today Ruff 'N' Tumble is a thriving business with 50 employees and distribution along the West African coast.

TuFace And Annie Idibia's Traditional Wedding Photos

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Annie Macaulay, now Idibia

Tuface and Annie Macaulay got engaged last February with a public proposal, and now they are sealing it. Initial photos of Tuface and Annie Idibia's traditional wedding were posted on Instagram by Nollywood Actress Kate Henshaw, and some other friends of the couple. Both celebrants are all dressed up and the wedding is going on right now in Eket. I will keep adding photographs as they come through.

Another Blogger Proposal - A Dubai Engagement!

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Love is a beautiful thing, and it is even more beautiful when it is shared. Recently, a blogger who I consider quite close got engaged to the love of her life in the shadows of the Burj Al Arab. She says;

I won't lie, I have truly found love! Lol! I'm full of joy. Even when we have issues or arguments, we both know it wouldn't break us so we vex for some hours and someone (usually him lol!) would send a text saying "I'm hungry" for instance. That would break the ice and we'll laugh then calmly talk through issues. I so can't wait to be his wifey! Lol! Not like much would change but I would see him more and spend more time with him, so looking forward to that.

I was going like Awww...Awww... at each pic. LOL... They were looking so sweet and cute, the love was just too visible! Congrats dearie, and now praying for a wedding that goes without hitches, and an even more amazing marriage. Now, now, I know some of us can add two and two and get four, but let's spare the blogger's anonymity for those who don't know. Enjoy the exclusive pictures below...

Wanting to Know the Reason For a Break-up

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Tone Bell as RJ

We watch this comedy on NBC sometimes, Whitney, and they recently added a new regular Tone Bell. The guy is a proper eye candy, and they show is giving us the full dose of his goodness. In the last episode, they had him nude in a small bath tub while nursing a bruised heart from a break up.

But this post is not about RJ's toned abs, or the blurred pixels they put over his flesh colored underpants. No, not really. It is about the afore-mentioned bruised heart. RJ had just been dumped by his girlfriend and he couldn't get over it. His major problem was that she didn't tell him why, and he wanted to know!

He said not knowing was like a torn in a sensitive spot, he always kept going back to it. He wondered if his lovemaking was stale, if had BO or if his mouth smelled. He just wanted to know why, and without knowing, he was afraid of moving on to another lady and getting a big fat no for his efforts.

Stopping Violence and Rape Against Women

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In the United States yesterday, President Obama signed a renewal of the Violence Against Women Act which expands the protections extended to victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. The original bill was written by Vice President Joe Biden, and in his statements reauthorizing a strengthened version,  Obama said,

...we’ve come a long way. Back when Joe wrote this law, domestic abuse was too often seen as a private matter, best hidden behind closed doors. Victims too often stayed silent or felt that they had to live in shame, that somehow they had done something wrong. Even when they went to the hospital or the police station, too often they were sent back home without any real intervention or support. They felt trapped, isolated. And as a result, domestic violence too often ended in greater tragedy.

So one of the great legacies of this law is that it didn’t just change the rules; it changed our culture. It empowered people to start speaking out. It made it okay for us, as a society, to talk about domestic abuse. It made it possible for us, as a country, to address the problem in a real and meaningful way. And it made clear to victims that they were not alone -- that they always had a place to go and they always had people on their side.