Thursday, March 7, 2013

Uche Pedro of Bellanaija - Motivational Woman #7

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Uche Pedro is the founder of, a leading website for entertainment, lifestyle and fashion in Africa and CEO/MD of Bainstone Limited, a new media company. At 25, she was rated #22 of the Top 100 people, places, events and things that shaped 2008 by PUNCH.

Uche was a 2010 Future Awards nominee for “Best Use of Technology”. She was also given Outstanding Contribution to Fashion Communication Award at the 2010 Africa Fashion Week held by Africa Fashion International (AFI) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She was featured on Oprah Winfrey show, Beauty Around the World, in February 2010 and was interviewed by Isha Sesay for CNN i-list in September, 2010.

When Will He Pop The Question - If Ever?

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Every woman understands how difficult it can be to put in serious time with a guy who refuses to commit. Or better yet, as soon as you break up with a guy, you hear about him putting a ring or another girl’s finger!

Most women assume a guy will pop the question when he finds someone he’s compatible with — when he finds “The one,” — but sometimes that’s not enough to make him commit. So,  just what does it take to get him to marry you?

The simple answer is: It takes him being ready. It has been my experience from the married men I have talked to, that in order to make the decision, takes 49% of finding the right woman and 51% is the guy being ready to commit.  If he’s not ready, he will not commit to anyone!

In fact 81% of married men surveyed said one reason they decided to get married was because it was the right time to settle down. Of course, even if a guy is ready to walk down the aisle, he still needs to find the right person. But he is more likely to meet her once he’s in that marriage state of mind. To help the girls find out when a guy’s ready to commit, here the five major signs to look out for that indicate that he’s ready to take it to the marriage level.

My First Baby Shower in America

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I think Baby Showers are an American construct. I never heard about it while in Nigeria and in my time in the UK, I had a few friends/colleagues who had babies, but there were no baby showers. In Nigeria, usually, the celebration is after the woman has had the baby, and there is baby powder and laughter and rejoicing.

Here in the US, the birth of the baby is heralded a few months or weeks before the ED and it helps the mother to be to keep up the excitement as she receives gifts from family and friends that help her prepare for the arrival of the new baby.

I had missed a couple of previous showers which took place while I was in Nigeria, but when a new friend, who happens to be from my village in Asaba, invited me to her baby shower, I just knew I had to be there. It was a great way to celebrate that joy with all the other women there, and to show support to my sister/friend. Now counting down the days to welcoming the new baby :)

Date Night Movie Review - Warm Bodies

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It's been a while since our last review, and it's not because we've not seen some movies recently. We have. The thing was, I decided on a new format for the reviews, something more interactive and which required us to sit down and chat on IM. Well, we finally coordinated our chat, and the review is now ready.

Atala: 'Warm Bodies'.

Myne: I liked the premise... young zombie falls in love and becomes human.

Atala: I agree - I was suckered by the five minute trailer that I saw. It promised a lot of quirky humour.

Myne: Indeed...

Atala: But it looks like I really need to pay attention to my rule - DON'T GET SUCKERED BY TRAILERS!

Myne: Lol... and at the begining it was fresh and engaging. I wanted to know R - the protagonist of the movie - some more. What was it about this new kind of zombie? And who does he fall in love with?

Myne: What did you think of the Julie - his love interest?

Atala: Hm... I didn't feel that her backstory (and the backstory of a lot of the cast) was well fleshed out.